Streets and roads look like dirt

Everything for me is great right now but for some reason the streets look like dirt roads. I changed terrain vector setting from high to ultra and it helped a little but still even the freeways look like they have no pavement. Anyone have a solution for this?

Not really, and yes this bugs me too. It happens in areas without photogrammetry. This game needs better default road textures. They are a blurry, ugly mess. Setting textures to ultra helps a little.

I was afraid of that. Oh well. I can overlook it I suppose. Thanks for your input!

Are you talking about either of these issues? (For the blurry roads topic, look at screenshot #2):


Thanks for directing me to that feed. It was very informative on the topic.

No problem. I encourage you to vote for these issues if you haven’t already!

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what I find not so pretty is:
the vector overlay “road” is sometimes too different to imagery, in colors / transparency (sometimes are seen “two” roads), width and minory in texture effect

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