Strobing Controls in A320

I am seeing some annoying strobing of cockpit controls in the A320Neo. In my case, it’s in the FlyByWire version, but I don’t know if it is limited to that.

Here is a video of the behavior:

Does anyone know what causes this, or what can be done to prevent it?

Are you using the FBW A320 from the in-game marketplace (also known as stable version)?

Yes, I have the Market Place version installed.

This version is currently not compatible with the simulator and may even lead to CTDs. Please go to the profile tab->content manager and remove fbw a320.
If you want a more compatible version, go to the official fly by wire a320 website and download the installer, after removal of the in-game fbw a320. In the installer, do not select the stable version, but the development version, for installation!

Okay. Thanks for the heads up.

As the FBW A320 is third party content, I will close your topic, since the #bugs-and-issues category is primarily meant for core sim bug reporting. If you have further questions, there are other topics you can find and use:
E.g.: A320 Neo (FBW) after Sim Update

Delete A32NX via content manager.

After that go to
Options > general options > accessibiliti > cockpit interaction system
Select LEGACY and save changes (apply and save)

Also select default mouse profile.
Go to options > controls options > mouse
Select default profile

Apply and save > quit to desktop.

Go to


Delete folder named flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo

Download and install latest dev version via FBW installer.

Go to community folder and delete all liveries.


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Follow @TenPatrol advice.
Its more detailed and accurate.