Sttuter and freeze frame

Hi there, I have for Along time a sttuter and freeze frame at landing, I send to msfs team support and thay guid me to some technical operation I have to do. I have done all the tests thay ask for.
I send to them everything they wants to solve my issueI uograde my computer, ceate vanila state, delete the community folder, and nothing help. maybe one of that forum can help?
I attached an example the issue I experiance in my sim/

System specs and config specification are necessary. Otherwise take close look at 5 New Performance Tips for Microsoft Flight Simulator | SU11 - YouTube

Hi thanks for reply here is my specs (Attached file).
I was doing that tips it helps but has you watched, still getting the freeze frame.

Which GFX Card do you use? Are the grafic settings in MSFS set to ultra? What is the LOD and LOT set to?

Hi GF 1070, what y meam LOT LOD, no I am not useing ultra

Just post a screener from your MSFS config of your graphics setup

Ok I will send you later on, I am not right now at home.

Hi here is my sim graphics setting.

Hmmm…. No additional advise from my side beside the link which is already posted and delete the rolling cache. Sorry.