Stuck at Starting up blue bar

After 1.12.13 update I was unable to open the MSFS again, I emptied the Community folder and it opens, but when I put my own liveries on Community folder again it’s doesn’t starts up.

My own liveries was working before the update and some friends that have them installed, works as normal.

-Run as Admin
-Unplug USB devices (works once but now doesn’t work)
-Updated my GPU and Windows

I have noticed when I change the MSFS path it’s works great with all of my liveries but just once

I have the same problem…

Same here. I removed all my mods from community folder and reinstalled them one by one until I found the culprit. In my case, it was one livery of the DA40 TDI.
There might also be others causing the problem.

I got confused because some of my friends have my textures installed and their sims works great, but mine don’t

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