Stuck download

the download manger froze and stop responding. i closed it and redownload it. with only 3 gb left. is now just saying wait and not downloading the files.

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I’m having the same problem. The most awkward thing: it started twice without these 3Gb left, but It closed and then my PC reseted!

i have no clue how to fix it! its just sitting there like haha. glad to waist your money

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Are you installing from Steam, Windows Store, or via XGP? Wanted to see if you have gone through all the troubleshooting steps offered on our Zendesk as one of them usually fixes this issue.

steam is what i am using

i have the space for. i have restarted the game. i have deleted the downloader 4 times. i have went into CDM and changed internet settings. i have done everything people have said to do. yet it still wont complete the download. its been over 24 hours since started download and now is stuck at 3.66 gb