Stuck in initial install loop

I had some files deleted by accident and now I am stuck in an initial install loop. I keep having to go thru all the settings even after saving everything. I don’t want to reinstall.


Just a suggestion, try logging out and back in to see if it can cross-connect with your Cloud Settings (which should have some or all of your settings).

try shutting ipv6 off

ipv6? What is that?

Thanks for the suggestion, no joy.

For some endless loops, I’ve found that pausing the installer, quitting it, and restarting the sim/installer, it will finally realize “hey there’s something not right about this file” and switch to a different download method. It may be slower at that point, but you usually can get past the problematic file.

sorry I had this problem and it solved it for me, I think some internet providers or maybe my router has trouble with ipv6 on? I have no idea why it helps my system I was just trying to help. good luck

Thanks anyway. I have done a total uninstall and reinstalled. See if the problem is still there.

In case anyone has similar issues, I found the problem. I had downloaded an app that had disabled some xbox services on the computer. Once they were enabled again, all is well.

Thanks for the support ideas. It just took some searching for answers on the internet.

Blue Skies all!

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