Stuck in the hangar lol

Second leg of the Norway bush trip. My craft spawned as shown, no way to set it free. Any ideas?

Click on the 1st leg, restart it, then quit back to the Main Menu.
Go back to Bush Trips, choose the 2nd leg and restart it.

Hope that works.

No joy :slightly_frowning_face:
Is that just me?

It starts me here at Gullknapp, [ENGK]

I think you need to force the sim to ‘forget’ the hanger position in Norway 2.
I though opening Norway 1 would do it. :thinking:

well it didn’t…

So it seems. What platform are you on? :thinking:

On a w10 pc

No that wouldn’t work either, but you gave me an idea. I used the teleport function associated with vfrmap and after a few attempts, because the relocation is not 100% accurate, I managed to place the plane in the middle of the runway.
So thank you mate!

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