Stuck loading on Arc de Triomphe screen

Anyone else experiencing this? Never had an issue with the SIM until now.

The game gets stuck on the Arc de Triomphe loading screen. The circle in the bottom right is constantly rotating but nothing happens. I’ve removed everything in the community folder.

Using the Xbox game pass version.

Hoping I don’t have to reinstall…

Yes had that after the latest update two days ago. Maybe correlated to the Gamer Servers?

Have you found a solution as of yet?

No I haven’t.

Même problème avec la version en CD. Blocage dès le début sur la vue de l’Arc de Triomphe.

Moi j’ai réinstallé et ca refonctionne

I’ve just uninstalled the game.

When trying to reinstall it, it downloads/installs the initial 900mb, however when I try loading the game it again gets stuck on the same screen.

I’ve tried disabling Windows firewall.

I’m shocked that installing a game is so difficult.

Surprise, ce matin tout refonctionne sans avoir rien modifié.

Topic moved into #bugs-and-issues:performance for installation issues.

As a reminder, please use English on the forum. Thank you.

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This is the issue I’ve got. Fresh install of windows, new machine build. Installs 2GB of 154GB ( I assume its just a launcher or something) and it gets to the Paris city scape, plays some music and crashes to desktop.

I’ve attached windbg to the execuatble and it appears to fail getting credentials for the windows store. Then generates a stack overflow.

So far the only “Solutions” I seen are “Try this and it might work” types. Akin to attempting to cure a headache by cutting off your own head.

Every other game works…this one doesn’t. Very very frustrating. And looking at the current comments, very common.

Your issue sounds slightly different to mine i think (I wasn’t getting crashes to desktop). I fixed my issue by re-installing the Xbox game pass software. I’m sure you’ve tried that though.

That’s one thing I thought might be the culprit given the number of calls it makes into the windows store authentication service. After a new install of it, same issue. For my issue I’m guessing the stack overflow issue is down to it recursively calling the authentication, which keeps failing. Without symbols though I’m a bit stuck at finding out the exact issue on my machine.

I’ve forced the app to run as admin, not admin…etc and still the same. Annoying that this app is so woven into the windows store app, which doesn’t work properly…I’m loathed to buy this on steam, incase I see the same issue.

Currently now facing the same issue all of a sudden!