Stuck on checking for updates after purchasing KORS

I purchased KORS via the ingame marketplace earlier today. It downloaded and decompressed, and then got stuck on “waiting” for about an hour. The MSFS task became non-responsive. After ending it, I ran MSFS again, but now it gets stuck on the “checking for updates” screen at the beginning of the launch process. I tried running it as Administrator too, but no joy.

I then tried deleting the folder from the MSFS content folder, and redownloaded it via the ingame content manager. It downloaded successfully, but the moment I restart MSFS it gets stuck on “checking for updates” again. Any ideas?

you could try looking in the MS2020 install folder/community folder and seeing if you have a KORS folder there.any purchases i’ve made install into there.if you have you could rename it as a backup or delete and try and download it again.

That’s what I did (second paragraph of my post) :slight_smile:

Same for me, I bought KDEN and now I cannot play anymore.
However, what you buy via the Marketplace goes into the Official folder, not the Community one.

I solved the issue just deleting the folder of the (partially?) downloaded airport scenery I bought from the OFFICIAL folder, not COMMUNITY.
However, if I try to download the scenery again, the issues happens again as well. :frowning: