Stuck on checking for updates XBOX SERIES X

Hi all,

I’m playing on the Xbox series X and prior to the Italy/Malta update everything was ok.

However, now I get to the “checking for updates” screen and it doesn’t spin round, it just locks. If I press the Xbox home button and then go back into the game, it bypasses this screen but then Grey’s out my marketplace and my content manager thus making me unable to do much.

I’ve reinstalled the game FIVE times.

I’ve deleted my 500+ hour save.

I’ve deleted reserved space.

I’ve switched online off and the on.

I’ve deleted data.

I’ve done multiple hard Xbox resets.

I’ve restarted my router.

You name it, I’ve done! Countless times.

My internet is BT full fibre and 500mbps. I play via wifi and get roughly anywhere between 150-300mbps.

Every other game works as expected, perfectly. It’s just flight sim. Any help with this would be absolutely fantastic, because it’s at the point now where it’s driving me insane.

Is something corrupt? Am I missing something?

Any help would be great.


foz. Xbox series X

My only advice is take the console to a friends or family member house and try it from there.

As above said, worth checking at another location. I recently went through a suspected corruption and would only make it a few seconds passed the looking for updates screen before CTD every time.

Your problem sounds worse somehow and probably need to escalate it to Microsoft support.