Stuck on loading screen / searching for updates (#PC)


My sim is stuck since yesterday on the loading screen / searching for updates. It eventually loads the main menu but that takes like 15 min. The simulator also says that I am “offline” and the server/online status behind my icon is all grayed out.

I’m running on the latest update (Germany, Austria, Switzerland Update) and use the MS Store version.


Hi @PlatonicHades3,
Have you checked out the Zendesk FAQ?
All versions - Stuck on “Checking for Updates” – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

Also, there are several topics of this on the forum - in Bugs & Issues - that may assist you:
Search results for ‘checking for updates category:200’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Unfortunately nothing helped. It’s weird, as I did not install any other addons and the sim worked fine immediately after World Update.

So the Sim eventually loads up (took now almost 20 min). Flight loads too.
However, as I said, this seems odd.