Stuck on the "Checking for Updates" screen while the game tries to install

See the link in my post above yours. However, the outage is not mentioned there :frowning:

yes, stuck on waiting fro updates @ 2:25 pm Eastern 9/18/2023

Was OK an hour ago, so a recent Server issue.

I can take a break and go get a cup off Coffee, while those at MS can sweat getting the server back up again.

Life goes on… It’s NOT the “End of the World”

Having read above that some people were successful with VPN, when I was stuck on “Checking for updates”, I started a VPN connection (to a local server) and that was enough to get past the problem. As soon as the updates started loading, I closed the VPN connection, and everything proceeded as normal.

You are correct. However, the software should alert us to the outage, or at least report a timeout issue, instead of spinning eternally.

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Hahaha no end of the world, but i was installing new stuff and thought i would have to start troubleshooting endlessly with addon manager

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Hi everyone, thank you for your reports! We are currently investigating this issue, and will provide further information as soon as we are able to.


Hi… I just got the same issue… I didn’t change anything since the last run… when I start this morning, stuck on “Checking For Update” screen…

Same here. Cannot start anymore. Yesterday all fine but today not.

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Sure – there is a very long list of “What the Software should do” – and hopefully that list will get significantly shorter with MSFS 2024.

In the meanwhile, as a “CRUDE work around”, if you MUST start MSFS, disconnect from the Internet before starting MSFS, and (LONG) wait for MSFS to load (after the licence error)

Then plug back in the Internet, after the 1st splash screen updates, so that your system does not set all your settings to Offline.

I’m IN !!!

But remember, things like State saving may not have worked, (Data store not accessed etc etc )

and REAL Weather also seems to be down.

I’m down as well !!.. (typing in Forum when I should be looking out of the plane when flying)

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me too, I already tried clearing Local Cache and almost go nuts at the absurdity of some so called “solutions”.

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User name checks out :slight_smile:

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It is not working. Stuck at “Checking for updates”

seemed to be fixed now

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Its back on!

It just gave me Continue button to install some 0 mb content, I pressed Continue, and it started working. yeah!!!

I thought my game got corrupted like Windows 98 25 years ago. Lolx.

Happy Flying!

Confirmed – working again now …

If only all MS server outages were that short

Sorted out in Europe too

In addition to the VPN, I also freed up some extra storage on my drive and that also seems to have fixed it for me.

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Live weather is working again as well …