Stuck on update page SU5

Noticed the new update was out, so exited game, updated steam, restarted the game and is now stuck on checking for updates, making the sim unusable!! Ive emptied my CF and run as admin, reset pc, and have updated all drivers. Running windows 11 insider build, with nvidia 471.41 (3090). Any idea?

There is an ongoing issue, a lot of users are unable to start simming: "We are receiving reports of users being stuck on the “Take the Pilots Seat” / Twitter

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Yep, I shut down and started back up after the update, got a red banner that said services are down and sitting at the Take a pilots seat screen doing nothing. I just closed it and now flying XP and the Aerostar with G1000

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Mine just started then, guess 5th times a charm. servers must be overloaded? !

Got the same red “Can’t Connect” banner. Eventually it reconnected and is now trying to download ~40gig of data. Seems to go through a lot of “acquiring licence for (x), could be a while, don’t turn off PC” messages. I’m not surprised I’m only 5G through a 40G download considering they must be getting slammed from all directions right now.

Off to lunch. It’ll get there eventually.

me too… china user

Does anybody has already the link to the new SDK version I assume 0.14…or what’s next?

So I was able to get to the main screen once, I loaded up the C172 with G1000 hit the battery switches and nothing. No G1000 working at all, removed working title from the community folder and restarted.

Initial load time to the Take a pilot seat screen seems pretty fast, its slow on that screen however most likely do to servers and updates. Flying the C172, remove any WT you have installed. Seems that they fixed some stuff on the default G1000 as now I have MFD map options etc that didn’t exist before. So far so good, off to do a flight KCHD to KCGZ