Stuck on updating with 100% CPU but no disk/network

Hey guys. Just downloaded the game off Xbox gamepass and was looking forward to trying it out.

However I am stuck on a update. The PC is running with 99% CPU but hardly any disk or network. Its just saying “Please wait”…Any ideas what to do?

Delete the last one or two downlaoded files and try again.

This is an ongoing problem for some people. It sounds to be like it’s deadlocked or similar. I might try running FlightSimulator.exe as an administrator.

You can also try disabling that obnoxious microsoft game mode (just google it), and tweaking your network cards TCP tuning by running from a command prompt the command: netsh int tcpset global autotuninglevel=normal.

You can turn it off again by setting it to “disabled” instead of normal if it doesn’t work.

Deleting some or all of the downloaded files can work too in case they are corrupted for whatever reason. (search the forums for how to do that).

Thanks guys! I Deleted some files(the top 5) in the folder and restarted, and now im back to looking at the “Decompressing”-screen. Time for a beer! :slight_smile: