Stuck on v1.11.6

I loaded up the game for the first time since early December. I flew the 172S as I usually do and neither the PFD or MFD would turn on . I saw there is an update for the plane available but requires game version 1.12.12

I have nothing in the community folder, There are no updates for it in the windows store (this is the game pass version), no option to update in the Xbox app. It goes through the ‘checking for updates’ routine when loading up just fine, I’ve launched from desktop, windows store, and xbox app and can’t find a way to get the game to update.

Any ideas?

Hi @RobGravesX,
I’ve moved your topic into #bugs-and-issues:bugs-and-issues-performance

This area is also for installation issues.

In MSFS options - assure online is ON. You can also try to “Repair” the app in Windows 10. There is another option and that is “Reset” (this MAY force a full reinstall if you chose this one)

To Note: When you do get this to download the patches, there was a small update to navdata (AIRAC) that the release notes did not get changed - so looks like the same patch but really not. That navdata update is around 1GB (in-game); won’t come from the Store/Xbox.

Checked out all of the above. I was set to online, repair didn’t help so I went with the reset.

Download was ~106GB and I’m still on the same version as I was. Cessna displays still doesn’t work. Going to fully uninstall then redownload again.

Hi @RobGravesX,
When you do the uninstall, make sure you clean uninstall.

Here’s a reference:
How to repair or remove and do a clean install of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Microsoft Store – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

Quick question: Do other apps from the MS Store update? If not, you could try and clear that cache to see if that will also help push down the MSFS updates.

They do. OneNote and Fallout76 Updated today when I clicked the check for updates button.

OK! Good. So we know it’s not the Store. :wink:

I’m downloading from the Xbox app this time. I did notice there were 2 different versions with the Gamepass branding and each had a different file size. Any idea why?

I’m sorry I don’t know.

But I’m sure each patch would need to be installed and they vary in size. Be nice if they just combine into one for simplicity on reinstalling.