Study level A320 for xbox

I would love to see a study level A320 available for xbox users. I love playing on my xbox with the new TCA quadrant. It would be a even better experience with a study level A320. I do not want to go to PC.


I’m not exactly sure on the prospects for a study level A320, but I am more optimistic that high fidelity aircraft can be hosted on Xbox now the the Inibuilds A310 has shown the way.

If WASM for third party developers comes with SU 12 in March, that could mean great things for high fidelity aircraft on Xbox later next year. And in the meantime, a higher fidelity CJ4 and Longitude are incoming thanks to Working Title.


Xbox planes will never be as good as those on PC.

That’s the case right now, but again, prospects are looking up for high fidelity aircraft on Xbox starting next year.


But at what cost? The higher fidelity the aircraft, the less resources there will be for everything else, which could mean more frame drops and CTD’s if the Xbox memory is exceeded.

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I wonder if there will ever be a way to increase the limited memory on the Xbox series X without having to purchase the next (higher spec) model to come out?

I think once the WASM situation is dealt with, the sky is the limit, pardon the pun. With the likes of the HJet and A310, along with others, it’s been proven that high quality models are possible on the Xbox.


The A310 is proving the opposite of what you’re saying.

All avionics features on the A310 work exactly the same on both platforms. Complex and close to reality avionics is what makes a study aircraft worthwhile and all that complexity is there on the XBOX.

If you talk about the visual part, the cockpit textures will be fixed to a higher resolution.

And if you talk about the downgraded visual LOD on XBOX, it’s a bug identified by Asobo. In fact, many people accused the A310 of having been responsible for this downgrade when, in fact, it was just a bug resulting from many changes in the code to make the simulator more stable, since that is what Asobo has been hunting for in recent updates.

Now if the problem is not having a passenger cabin to stay in the window, then it’s each one’s preference. I don’t particularly care about that.

I just wanted a proof that a complex study-level WASM aircraft is functional on the XBOX and the A310 is the living proof. All avionics works.

The A310 is showing to other developers that WASM study aircraft development is possible via XBOX and showing to consumers that it’s going to be worth spending their money on.

In the end, everyone will win on all platforms.


The limit is the locked down nature of a console system. Any connection to the world outside is a huge task at the moment and time will tell if flight sim developers will find it feasible to go that way. It will probably not impact the aircraft itself but things like EFB tools, network connectivity etc will face real problems.

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I’m not an Xbox user, but I do wonder if it would be possible to offload some of the technical challenges of a study level (insert-aircraft-of-choice-here) to the cloud, like they have with the satellite terrain?

So the Xbox does not have to handle everything. Obviously someone has to pay for that cloud resource, but it would be cool if it were possible.

This is true.

From a purely profit generating perspective, the Xboxers are starved to death for quality content and I (we) have money to spend for it!

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I think the A310 on Xbox is fantastic. I am a wee bit disappointed with the lack of a cabin, but if that will cripple performance, I’m fine without it.

What I would like to see, however, is an interior wing view. I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be that hard to put a “window box” in place for the Xbox similar to what has been done in the A320?


Can I ask what WASM means please?

Web Assembly…a programming language.