Stunning watermasking in the Caribbean! (SVRS)

Some pics and a video of the approach below - absolutely stunning! Approach into Los Roques, off the coast of Venezuela (SVRS).

VIDEO: Los Roques approach - watermasking!


Is this default scenery?

Yep! Which is what is so unbelievable.

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Wonder if it’s been there all the time or if this is showing that they are fixing it gradually now :thinking:

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Hard to know. And we’re talking the middle of NOWHERE.

None of that around the Maldives, was just there yesterday. Looking forward to getting to the Caribbean, looks a lot better.

Looks great.

What is your GPU and its settings?

8700K/1080, both stock, no OC, and just generic “Ultra” on 1440p. Set it to Ultra day 1 and haven’t touched it since.