Stupid bugs

Ok im getting bored of these patches screwing everything up almost to the point of being unusable. I have just tried flying Bremen to Heathrow on the first flight it wanted me to go from 38000 down to 2500 for a 11 mile final. I then tried it again skipping forwars to decent and it started me off at 700ft then back up to 35000 when im under 50 miles away just of the uk coast. So then started again completely started again from scratch once more i chose again to jump to approach. This time it spawned me 700ft from the ground back at Bremen. Once again totally re set everything back at bremen at take off then jumped to approach this time it spawned me on approach to heathrow at 700 feet doing 600knots.

This is starting to get really tedious now everytime i see theres a patch im like oh god what have they f:d up this time. I was listening to a christmas song whilst downloading the patch “driving home for christmas” i however was thinking to myself “what has asobo cked up at christmas”

I just dont get it everything was working perfectly for me prior to the last patch plane as flying perfect no roll, the AP was working great jeez even the ils line up was sorted. After the update plane is rolling slightyly YET AGAIN, not getting decent when your meant to, the ESC button puts the flaps at full, the “jump to” is doing all kinds of weird s###t and the Thustmaster tca throttle quadrant gets totally messed up.

If there was the chance at blocking all manadatory/further patches i would saw as anything would do.
If there was a way to roll back to different previous patches again i would most certainly either put it back to launch or some of the patches that actually did SOMETHING GOOD (if there is even such a thing going by some of the patches have reacted with the sim)

PLEASE Asobo and Microsoft PLEASE i beg you on my knees dont try to get ahead of yourself you NEED to actually FIX the stuff thats broken and make the sim work the way a product that cost SOOO MUCH money should work before you embark on something like VR.
For all of those who love the VR aspect to MSFS 2020 i mean no disrespect to any of you if i had it im sure i would too. The problem is they are bringing VR on to a broken game which is going to take away the enjoyment that comes from adding VR to something.

It would be SO, SO much better if everyone at Asobo and Microsoft perfects the game gets rid of every single 1 of the hundreds if not thousands of bugs that are in MSFS 2020 so they can give enjoyment to everyone who wants to fly regardless of how they chose to do so.

It would then make those of us that had to scrimp and save to buy MSFS 2020 paying at least £80 for the base standard version up to around £180 actually feel like we did not throw their money away in a year that SO, SO many people have either been forced on to furlough (such as myself) or have lost their jobs and buisnesses or have been dumped on to a zerp hours contract and are now no longer able to get the benefit of furlough pay (again such as myself) when we are not working we are not earning. Despite of the financial hardships, threat of losing our jobs or having to work on a zero hour contract everyone went out and spent their money on a pc simulation “game” which when it first launched looked amazing it was just like looking out of a plane window compare to what we have now clouds that look like fairy lights on a christmas tree, planes that want to kill everyone on board as soon as the A/P turns on, ILS wanting to land the plane on the grass at either side of the runway all the way to the flight controls we have each chosen to buy Honeycombe throttle quad and Thrustmaster TCA quad not properly working how it was designed to.

They say Christmas is the time for miracles PLEASE, Please Asobo and Microsoft give us all OUR Christmas miracle and give us the simulator/game that we paid for and the game that was promised to us so that we can all fly whatever it is that we want to fly and how we want to fly it, when we want to fly it. All of these bugs that i am positive we have all experienced and are still experiencing from all the CTD’s to the problems with software.

Pleaase Asobo and Microsoft PLEASE get all the bugs fixed first before you try adding stuff that i am sure that all simmers would be a lot happier to wait for IF the sim they are using worked perfectly. That way a lot more people would be very eager for all the updates etc that you bring out because right now EVERYTIME you bring out a aptch we all think to ourselves “oh no lets see what they have broken this time”.


I fully agree that there seem so many simple, obvious errors that aren’t being adressed, yet Asobo seem intent on doing their own thing.

The altitudes in the ATC are certainly a problem, often giving contradictory commands and impossible altitudes. I now ignore a height change which is nonsensical, and put up with the subsequent nagging comments. Surely this would not take much effort to improve, especially compared to the effort which must have gone into implementing VR which is only of use to a minority of users.

My other pet hates of simple yet obvious bugs:

** Shortcut keys which involve Ctrl or Shift, which then perform not just the correct action, but also the one relating to the single key (e.g. moving forward in the cockpit will also move up).
** the beautifully animated tug operator who misses the wheel, goes around the side of the plane than magically appears in the correct position. The hard part (the animation) is great - why can’t they fix the easy bit?
** Obstructions on taxiways, whether it’s vehicles, people. posts, other aircraft, roads+traffic, etc.

Asobo, please get your priorities right!

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It’s the first Patch the Thrustmaster Throttle quadrant is working completly. Try to reset your controller Input Settings in the Simulator. After that it will work correctly with all buttons

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