Stutter and slow down

I’ve noticed a pattern while flying. Every 5 or 10 minutes my computer fan starts up clearly is processing something and at that point I get stutters and occasionally freezes, then after few seconds it clears up and is smooth again. I have a mid to high range computer about 2 years old, i-7 cpu, GeForce GTx 1070. Not the best internet connection 10mbps at best. Is this something most people are experiencing? I’ve tried most of the tips and tricks to reduce it but nothing seems to work

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Can you check your CPU usage when this occurs?

I have an i5-9600k, RTX 2080,32Gb Ram
Playing on Full Hd and my sim also Stutters every 30Sec. CPU usage goes up to 100%

I get the same. A few others do too. Put a ticket into ZenDesk. I think it has to do with processors that utilize low threat count. I have a 7700k and 1080ti

Yes will do. How do I do that? I’ve activated developer mode is there a way to check cpu usage or do I do it another way?

Enable the FPS option as it gives you some ‘numbers’ and you can also use your ‘taskmanager’ to see utilization for CPU, GPU.

Ok thanks. So I tested it. My GPU which is a GTX 1070 is constantly running at about 97% and sometimes portals at 100 but it doesn’t seem to cause a stutter. My cpu ticks along at about 60% then spikes to about 98% and then when I get the stutter. Do it seems like my GPU is working hard all the time and my cpu spikes every 5 mins or so.

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