Stutter every minuted or so, but not caused by settings

Disabling Real Time Weather (or any other online service) does not solve my issue. Volumetric clouds turned low, does also not solve my issue.

But thanks for your try :slight_smile:

No, not using it.

Tried disabling or turning low all online services, but it does not solve my problem.

I had a similar problem, but only with certain aircraft. I traced it to voice attack, however I recently updated voice attack and the stutter has gone.
Hope this helps someone.

When I built my new PC with an AMD CPU I came across this problem:

It looked exactly like what you experience here, stutters like yours precisely every minute or two. I am aware that you have an intel CPU but since it looks exactly the same you might check your BIOS version. It might be something else but with the stutters happening precisely every minute that’s not caused by the sim or hardware, that’s a software issue. In my case an update to a fixed BIOS version cured it. Any 3rd party addon can of course be the culprit as well, FSUIPC has already been mentioned, its autosave cuases that too.

Have you tried running the sim in offline mode (disconnect your internet) to see if it still stutters?

The network usage bit is interesting. I would investigate it more. Use the resource monitor in windows to see what process may be using network while the stutters are happening.

I had stutters (in MSFS, Elite Dangerous, and a couple other games that relied on internet connection to function) that took several weeks to diagnose. Ultimately, I discovered the stutters happened when dasHost.exe communicated with my SmartTV. Making a firewall rule to prevent communication between dasHost.exe and my SmartTV’s IP address solved the issue completely.

You can use Glasswire to more intuitively monitor network activity. If you see spikes that correspond with your stutters, you can click on that spot in the graph and see which apps were active and where they were communicating to.

I had a very similar issue (maybe the same) a while ago, on a nearly completely freshly installed and high end system. Got a HUGE stutter every minute on the dot. It appeared about 2 days after setting up the system after upgrading. Drove me nuts. I was unable to get rid of it trying all kinds of stuff including using a tool to monitor latencies etc. Ended up restoring a backup of the fully freshly installed system, ie directly post Windows install. Luckily it went away and never came back. So it was definitley a software issue of some kind.

I think it may have had something to do with an HP printer driver, really not sure though.
You’ve tried reinstalling Windows completely from scratch, right? And disconnecting all peripherals?

It’s hard to say what the problem could be as it seems to have persisted through a total rebuild and a fresh install of Windows!
I had a similar problem and if you look at my video below the stutter is at a shorter interval and was a Windows problem where the Device Manager app would refresh every 15secs or so and that alone caused the stutter.

@BearsAreCool510 , yes i did a complete rebuild (all hardware and fresh install of Win10). Just to make sure that there where no old drivers which might cause this issue. But the problem remains…

@TastierOsprey80 , i just checked without any USB devices plugged in (except keyboard and mouse), but it still stutters, so its not that.

Hi DutchAirways
My problem wasn’t the USB devices ( see end of post ) it was the device manager applet, when you opened it you could actually see the device manager applet constantly refreshing, and when I opened it on my second monitor the refresh matched the Sim stutter. This problem was related to Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge Browser. ( This is a known problem with Windows 11 seemingly, it was easily sorted, info at the bottom of the post.)

In Task Manager, On the processes page, are any processes showing any sign of increase during the stutter? … Not the Performance page.

Does the Sim run OK without the Ethernet cable plugged in? ( I have never tried it ) as out of all the work you have carried out the only constant is your connection. Out of curiosity have you a usb WiFi dongle to connect your PC to the router by WiFi?

You are not using any Antivirus/ firewall but Windows?

Another source of recurring, even-period, stutters is the autosave function that comes with Volanta premium.

When i disconnect my PC entirely from the internet (both cable and wifi), the sim seems to be running without stutters. So it seems to be indeed network related.

When i disable the Online Functionality within the sim, it does not help and the stutters are back. So it seems to me another service is the problem. How can i find out which one?

windows 10 or 11 installed?

Start easy. Close background apps one by one to see if one of them is the culprit.

As I said above, use resource monitor in Windows to see which process is using network at the time your stutters happen. This can get a little tricky though, so I would just get a free version of Glasswire. It has a graph of network usage. You can click on a spot in the graph corresponding to when your stutters happen and it will show which processes were using the network and where they communicating to. There are other tools that can do the same thing as well or better, but that is the one I used to find out dasHost.exe was creating stutters.

A more powerful tool is sysmon (Sysmon - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn), but it is admittedly more difficult to set up and use.

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I too have a stuttering problem not just in MSFS but other games like DCS and it’s driving me crazy, and I see the same constant refreshing in device manager that you mentioned. I have not come across a previous reference to Microsoft edge possibly causing a problem though. You said the solution at the bottom of your post but seems maybe you forgot to post it? Could you clarify?

@WartedSummer2 , thanks for this! I used Glasswire and found indeed that dashost.exe was connecting every minute to the internet. After disabling this service, the stutter was gone. Super!

As dashost (or DeviceAssociationService) is a default Windows service for pairing wired and wireless devices, this sounds to me like a problem at Microsoft. But why do only a few people have this problem?

Anyway, i am glad i found it and was able to solve it. Thank you all!!!


I’m glad you found the culprit. I would imagine quite a few people have problems with it but just don’t know it.

A word of warning: dasHost.exe is a windows process that is important for pairing your computer to other devices. Disabling it entirely may present other problems for you. If not, great. If so, please consider below.

I noticed my stutters were caused by dasHost.exe communicating with my Amazon Fire TV Stick. In a sense, it was the Fire TV Stick causing my problem, not dasHost.exe. Its communication with other devices did not cause stutters. I also read in forums (ED) that the same issue was caused by smart TVs.

What I did was create a firewall rule that blocked incoming and outgoing communication between dasHost.exe and the local IP address for the Fire TV Stick. That way dasHost.exe could function normally otherwise.

If you notice problems with functionality, particularly communication between your computer and other devices, it’s probably because you have disabled dasHost.exe. It will then be worth it to investigate your issue further. See which device the process is talking with that is causing the problem. Make firewall rules to prevent communication with that device.

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Hi GregP7617
If you click on the “blue text, framerate drops rapidly” in the earlier message it will take you to the full post.

But below is a copy of what you need to do to fix the problem.

If you have the “refreshing problem” in device manager, To Fix it, you disable the SSDP Discovery Service, and the problem goes away. Maybe not a solution more of a workaround until Microsoft waken up ( Thanks to CharlesHanson2 on the Answers. Microsoft website)

1, If you are on Windows 11 right click the “Start button” and open Computer Management.

2, click on Services and Applications then Services ( a long list of services will open )

3, Look down the list for SSDP Discovery

4, Double-click on SSDP discovery, and then properties will open, where it says " Instartup type " just Disable and save".

The " Flickering Device Manager " stopped immediately for me.

I wonder if this service gets disabled when Windows game mode is enabled? One of its functions is to disable/suppress some services during gaming to better facilitate game play.