Stutter fixed

Was there any update at night? I have no stuttering today and no fps drops while panning camera, yesterday i had a slideshow, now 50 fps in New York without single stutter (panning camera on outside view, changing camera form inside to outside), everything is so smooth that i cant believe it. My rig Rtx 3080 Ti, Ryzen 5950x, 32 gb RAM, Ultra 4k with terrain and objects LOD on 4 in config file.

If not maybe this will help - I enabled rolling cache yesterday and set limit to 50GB, yesterday it didnt help, but maybe now this is why i have no stutters.

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Region US (Server and Region) run butter smooth. Europe is for me not flyable. Stutters and freezing all the way up. Especially flying at the morning time give good performance.

So definitely a big server / pipeline problem at MS side.

No update. But a very interesting post anyhow! Could you do some flying on different times of the day? Not sim-time, but real earth time lol.
See whether it is related to server usage.

Secondly: rolling cache needs to fill itself before it is functional. So that’s why your first flight might stutter more than the next one over the same area.

Yeah, had a fly around Canada and was smooth with only a few approach stutters. I wonder if the server capacity has been increased or Xbox users had given up.

Owww. That’s actually quite funny. But I would opt for the first option.

I have seen the exact same thing. My stutters have completely gone. It was at a point last night it was completely unflyable. Now its smooth on Ultra. network usage looks basically the same, but I don’t get the spikes in GPU usage I was getting.

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