Stutter --- i5-9600K / 3070 / 24Gb / G2 / MS Store

Guys i have lots of stutter with my Reverb G2, but as you can see from screenshot, neither GPU nor CPU is maxed out. Both between 60-80%.
HAGS=on GAME mode=on Reprojection=off
LowLatency mode=on, Texture Filtering Anisotropic=on, Texture Filtering Neg.LOD=allow, Texture Filtering Qualitty=performance,
Texture Filtering Trilenear=on, Threaded optimazation=on, VerticalSync=Fast, VR pre-rendered frames=1. Rest default.
MSFS2020 Graphic setting are a mix of medium to high.

Any thoughs on what i’m missing here?
Again: with CPU and GPU not maxed out, i’m really at a loss…

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How much RAM? 24 … Which scenery/airport?

What is your memory usage? 24 MB is not that much and suggests you haven’t used all banks equally ( I would expect either 16 or 32 GB memory).

Edit: zooming in on your pictures your memory is completely full it seems. That could be it.

i have a 16 and an 8 Mb - can add if need be.
btw - they’re both same clock speed (2666 Mhz) so no issue there.

your reckon that is the problem?
It is using 21 out of 24

Not sure to be honest, but I would recommend 32GB anyway

Clean your community folder that s worked for me!

Open a ticket with Support, I already have one open

106093 VR stutter, goes blank, goes blue, goes back to WMR, FS2020 freezes.

Except for LittleNavMap’s in-game view app, it’s empty…

You have low CPU and low GPU usage, you have SSD… do you run a cache and does that make a difference ? Aso internet connection may play a role. Server connection, responsiveness… check which one you use

got it… i have a 100up/100down (mpbs) so haven’t really run in into any issues.
but i will say that not downloading live data while playing does improve things… Not sure if that is n/w related or (gpu?) processing related.

Are you sure ? At times I play YT video’s while MSFS runs, I’ve got 50mpbs. Don’t see any difference. Anyway at 100mbps you shouldn’t have issues on your side. What game server do you run on ?

I have Intel 660p 1TB M.2 SSD
seems to have to be able to do the job… right?
As for ‘running a cache’ can you elaborate, i haven’t set anything, so that is all W10 default.

In game cache. The one in General Settings / Data Rolling cache. Mine is off.

That’s what I saw… what you best can do is replacing by 2x 16GB same (lowest) CL# and look at the mainboard manual if the highest frequency can be achieved without overclocking (!).

Another thing: reduce the graphics in GENERAL to Medium and increase the level of detail to ~ 200. Read the TEST sequence how to get there GRAPHICS – flightsim eindhoven
Best to start with this (money saving) setting, since this will reduce the stutter effect due to lack of memory in the first place. Since the i5-9 is a low cache, low bus speed proc. without multithreading, don’t expert miracles.
PH-JVA aka KLM149

When i say ‘not downloading’ i’m not saying that YT is on, what i’m saying is that i set “download live BING data” to OFF in the sim. That does improve things somewhat.
I’m on the Brussel server, latency is fine.

Will try.
as for i5, point taken about not expecting miracles, but my MOBO (Z390 Gigabyte) does not support higher than 9th gen iCore. The difference between i9 9th gen and i5 9th then is far from spectacular, so i’m kind of backing off on that, doesn’t seem worth it. See here
But again… neither CPU nor GPU is running at max with current setting. Possible memory is an option to upgrade (88%) load.

Did the test as published by FSE…
Ultra = 175fps

so that’s not providing any clues either…

Aha so when you switch off Bing it works without the stutters ? Benchmark your modem, try speedtest, look if it is irregular. A modem can have 100mbps main speed, but your provider could decide to lag at some point(s) in time. Of course, that would be reason for a complaint. On my connection, I’ve had some issues last year, that involved 2-3min offline time every 1-2 hours. When the disconnect takes too long the popup appears. Very inconvenient when you want to make scenery images ! Things don’t update and drone movement stutters !

… then the stuttering is caused by the scenery. Let me check the ICAO; default scenery or mod?

not too bad i’d say…