Stuttering affecting all flight aspects

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During taxi, takeoff, decent and landing every 20-30 seconds there is a stutter. It also sometimes occurs during cruise, but is harder to identify. The sim momentarily freezes and then the frames catch up, making the sim very hard to operate.

I have over 2300hrs in the sim and have only experienced this issue since the latest update.

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Link to You tube video I created with the stutters on a decent highlighted. Stuttering Approach

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Create a VFR or IFR flight plan, operate any aircraft and it will occur.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 21H2
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i5-10300H CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

Using a Logitech Yoke and pedals and a mouse as the only peripherals.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Speaking from experience, with 16GB of ram, you will need to change your virtual memory from system managed to custom size.
Use the recommended amounts for those values.
That should solve the issue.


Thanks for the tip. My issue is everything has ben working fine for 2250+ hours. Its since the last update this issue has occured.

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If you haven’t done so, I can pretty well guarantee that is the issue.
I see two or three of these issues posted here every week.
Here is a link to the last one.

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I have changed all the settings and put in the recommended amounts for Virtual RAM. Still experiencing the same issue.

As i mentioned after over a year of the sim, sice the last update is the first time i experirnced this.

Thanks for the advice anyway. Cheers

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Now that does surprise me, particularly so with that amount of ram.
There is this issue that does affect some users.

Thanks for sharing. I am experincing these issues, although mot quite as extreme as some have described (see the video i tagged in my original post).

Taxiing is a particular issue, a freeze then unexpected accelerated catch has ameant a close call with some buildings at airports. The most frustarting element is when there is a stutter just at the point of flare upon landing. This is when you need a bit of “touch and feel” and you have no chance when there is a freeze, stutter, and then accerated frame catch up.

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If you haven’t seen this vid, it is quite good and may help.

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@TheSevenflyer Thsnks for the tips and the video. All tweaks made and I thought I had got it sorted only for the problem to return.

I genuinely believe this is an issue that has come about since the last update and see there are similar issues others are experiencing. Hopefully this will be addressed in a patch or future update.

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I had stutters similar to the ones the OP described. The solution for me was to remove all addon meshes, since there is a conflict between them and SU7.
In case you have any addon meshes installed, try removing them and see if things improve.
Hope this helps.

unfortunately this did not help me, panning inside the flight deck is so jumpy and panning the camera on the outside too, its so frustrating because you end up guessing is it the PC itself or is it the Sim? and theres only so much you want to be changing. This wasn’t happening two weeks ago. Also only while I use the sim my monitor blacks out for a split second here and there, only when the sim is on, never when using the PC regularly. Anyone with any ideas please help.


Try without live weather and no AI traffic.
See if that helps.
It isn’t a cure, or a work around, just a test to see if it does help!
Several posters mentioned it has.

Thank you I will, its too bad that we need to remove these things in order to get a smooth situation. any idea on the monitor blacking out for split seconds?

If I was to guess, I would start with driver issues.
Normally you would suspect connections, but you have stated it only occurs with this sim.
Another cause could be power supply related.
MSFS draws a lot.

Nividia has had two updates past few weeks and its still happening, these are things I never thought I would have to worry about in this day and age and how advanced these drivers are supposed to be. Thanks for the advice.

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You may want to try a fresh install by removing the old drivers first and then installing the new.
Conversely, you may need to roll back.
I used both the new drivers with no issues!

EXACTLY…why do people feel the system needs mem settings tweaks WHEN its been working fine and then only went bad AFTER the update…
■■■■■…i have 64gb of fast memory…a evga rtx3070 and i get stuttering after the update…its not memory…
something suddenly hogs the cpu…goes from 5 or 6ms to 40+ which renders the sim a stuttering mess. then suddenly all smoothes out…
cpu is ryzen 5600x and was running perfect prior to SU6

Asobo just wont address this issue it seems


so I figured out what was happening and why I wasn’t getting smooth play in the flight deck or when taxiing, It was my full screen resolution, it was set to the highest which must have changed during an update to my driver or the sim. so i lowered it by one level and everything was so smooth again, no issues at all.

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For me too. I have Ryzen 7 5800X, 32G RAM NVME 1TB (plus other NME 1TB+SSD1TB) and RX6700XT. Work fine for me at the last update. Windows 11 Too… mmmm…¿what is the problem here?