Stuttering and CTD

EDIT: Problem seems to be GPU 3D spikes, see post 12 for details

My game has run almost flawlessly since release but today it’s all changed.

Every 10 seconds or so the game freezes for a moment, just a second. When descending to lower altitudes it eventually locks up completely and stops responding.

Now I’ve noticed listening to the background music it’s even doing it on the main menu.

I thought it was graphics related so tested in low but even then in the main menu it stutters like this.

There’s not been an update and all my drivers and Windows are up to date. I’ve not installed anything new either. The ONLY notable thing I can think of is that my internet connection went earlier in the day mid flight and I had to reset the router. Can’t imagine this having an impact on it though…

I’ve tried many things but hoping someone has heard of this before and might be able to help.

Thank you in advance

Perhaps try your theory about the internet. Turn off anything online & see if the game still stutters?

I read posts on this forum every day, & even from my own experience, I think there is some connection with internet & problems with the Sim.

Tried and tested, no change.

Just scrubbed MSFS from my disk drive and installing fresh with no addons or Navigraph updates etc etc. Hoping this will at least narrow down the issue.

Will report back findings.

EDIT: the music is skipping/freezing still during installation. Something is interfering

Have you tried the basics? First is to ensure your computer is 100% stable. My suggestion is you download OCCT. It’s free and has a number of stress tests for all your components (CPU, RAM, GPU, and total system power). Can your computer pass 15 minutes of all of those tests? The program has temperature gages to monitor the various temperatures. I also suggest you watch your temperatures while doing the stress tests.

After that you should perform all the things listed on the official post from zendesk. There’s a list of conflicting applications too so that might help.

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thanks for sharing…seems to be a nice tool…as i m having a few issues with my comp lately, and can not find out why, this software seems to be a big help to find out with thais comp, which can drive me sooo nuts some days…i will donwload it and give a try…thanks

Tried most of these. I mean my system has been running the game on high/ultra since release so hardware probably isn’t the issue.

I’ve done a full reinstall of windows overnight. Updated everything and installed the sim. After loading the first flight the stuttering begins and continues on the main menu as it was before.

I don’t think I have anything left to try :man_shrugging:t2:

I expect you’re probably right, but I wouldn’t rely on that. The updates change the code which could change how your computer reacts. It’s always safest to be sure so when I run into problems the first things I check are the things I listed.

Yeah true I should check it out then. I’ve thought of something else. My Navigraph and AIRAC data updated the day before, going to look into this when I get home

If you reinstalled from fresh, the settings of MSFS of Data menu have probably been reset to a 8GB Rolling Cache put somewhere (mine land in my small OS SSD). I suggest to delete it through the menu and uncheck it as a test.

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I deleted geforce experience…and now the game is reallyyyy smooth


Thanks for all the replies.

So I’ve strenuously tested Navigraph NavData, In-Game Charts and Simlink and running without Simlink and In-Game overlay has a SMALL impact but the issue remains.

Having thought about how it gets worse and finally gives up when descending I reverted back to my initial thoughts about graphics and actually could it be the sims ability to STREAM them rather than render.

So I ran a continuous stress test for an hour whilst I reproduced the issues (no other devices on network) and found the following:

-Download speed remained almost constant at 70Mbits/sec with no dips when freezing

-Packet Loss when all was smooth ranged from around 0.5% to 0.9%

-When freezing was more prominent there was Packet Loss of 1% to 2.6%

This didn’t seem like a huge loss but still indicated a bottleneck in bandwidth with more data being dumped. Could this be the issue? Since we had a baby I had to move the PC and I’m running it via 5GHz WiFi adapter, which after reading on the Googles, won’t carry as much data through as a wired network and will have higher packet loss.

My next tests will try and alleviate pressure from the network to see if this is actually the issue:

-Enable Rolling Cache and set to 20Gb (because why not).

-Fly predefined route three times. Once to load up the cache with some of the data and the second time to see if streaming from the M.2 Drive takes pressure off streaming over the internet.

-Manual Cache. Heard mixed things but depending on the results of Rolling Cache I’ll try this and see what happens. I’ll cache the route in medium/high quality and fly for a third time and see if this takes further pressure off the network.

Last resort test:

-Move the PC within range of the router to hard wire and sell baby on black market… or maybe look at router/WiFi upgrades.

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Right. Found where the issue is coming from I think. It’s the GPU and I don’t understand why. I had the Performance tab of the Task Manager running whilst replicating the flight.

The GPU was running consistently at around 100% and every few seconds when I experienced a brief pause, the GPU 3D monitor showed a drop to about 70% or so before resuming. Resulting in downward spikes across the monitor.

When the game experienced a bad pause the GPU 3D graph dropped to what looked like 0%

Can’t believe I missed this. Why this has just started though I can’t fathom.

Are there any specific stress tests or workarounds for this? Or any way of testing if my card is faulty?

Fyi changing to low settings has no impact on frequency or severity and it is also happening on the main menu.

Many thanks

Which CPU and GPU do you have? I don’t think you specified that after re-reading quickly this thread…

Unfortunately (or fortunately) that don’t mean the problem come from the GPU. It could also mean other process take the hand so the CPU stop feeding your GPU.

Just a thought: Some fixed this kind of problem by changing the PCI express setting in Bios to 3.0 instead of 4.0

Anyway, you have bunch of stress tests available. I like the old “Heaven benchmark”, it still wildly used. Also, I will not recommend “Furmark” even if a lot of persons use it. I killed a MB with it years ago.

If your CPU run at 100% you can try to limit your fps to lower its pressure perhaps?

Ok so I have the Ryzen 5 3600X CPU. This is running at about 20% if I remember correctly, much much lower than the GPU (I will correct with exact % later when back home)

GPU is GeForce 1660ti 6Gb
Only other thing I can note is that it uses about 4Gb running the sim as described

Not sure if it’s important but I have 32Gb of RAM, not the fastest I think they are 2666

I will try updating my bios if needed and also changing PCIe as you described.

I will also check out your recommendations for testing.

Will post updates shortly. Thanks again my buddy.

EDIT: What’s the best way to limit the fps by the way? I have in game v-sync turned off


I did 5 things, so annoying fly I don’t know exactly which one fixed it.

  1. Updated my BIOS as it was dated 2019

  2. Changed a PCIe setting from Auto to Gen 3. Not sure if this was the option you were referring to but looked like the closest thing so thought why not lol

  3. To take pressure off GPU. Increased speed of RAM by one notch (couple of hundred MHz difference so not a lot

  4. To take pressure off GPU. Increased CPU clock speed from 3.6GHz to 4.0GHz and the voltage(?) from 1.20 to 1.30

  5. Limited FPS to 50 in Nvidia Control Panel

The result is the GPU usage remains at 100% and no negative spikes. I realise not everyone who might have this issue will be willing to overclock but I have a strong suspicion that it was probably the BIOS version. As my graphics card driver is updated regularly I suspect it just became outdated. So that said if you’re having similar issues, update your BIOS and see if that helps.

Thanks for the replies and attention, it means a lot and I’m just glad we got there in the end.


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