Stuttering during approach

Why o why does the stuttering start when I am on approach. I have been flying for about 45 mins coming in to land and the stuttering gets really bad. I end up over compensating for this and almost land on the grass. This happens a lot now it’s very frustrating especially if you are in a career mode etc with Skypark or Neofly.

The same happens to me.
I only go well when I don’t install anything (nothing at all)
At the moment you install something that is outdated and does not keep up with the new versions of MSFS 2020, we are already going wrong.
Every time a new SUxx and WUxx comes out All the developers would have to review their complements (I see it unfeasible they could not do anything else in life) Solution only unfortunately put what you know for sure that it follows the rhythm of said updates FBW I update so I’m going I am happy with my A320 on all sides. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that one day these updates will be independent of everything else we can install.

Internet bandwidth … maybe

I get the same on approach mostly at large airports, Its really anoying

it seemed to become a problem with SU7 I think? Was corrected mostly in SU8 and hotfix - but sadly has returned with SU9
It is more noticeable at larger and more detailed / traffic bound airports but that would be predictable as adding more stuff to render and AI objects that move would logically add a load to your equipment.

It’s odd though the point at which it trips - roughly at 1 or 2 nautical miles from the destination airport and can last until touchdown / taxi to parking.

Very broad, generic comment follows:

The closer you get to the ground, the more detail there is to render. The SIM always runs smoother at altitude.

It could be that your Terrain Level Of Detail is set too high for the area that you’re flying into. Different airports put different amount of strain on the rendering engine. You can try lowering your Terrain LOD to see if that helps.

Or, try small regional airports that have less details to render and compare that to the larger international airports where there’s a lot more work for the rendering engine to do.

If you’re in an area where the Photogrammetry has changed, that would make a difference as well.

EDIT: Forgot to mention traffic. There’s a higher concentration of traffic near/at/on airports. This will also cause additional load on the rendering engine.


It happens at busy and non- busy airports. My connection runs at about 65Mb soon to increase to be 500Mb hopefully. It mainly happens on a weekend so maybe the servers just can’t cope when its really busy.

Happens to me too, especially on longish flights of more than an hour on either small landing strips or biggish airports.

Don’t know why but it is pretty immersion breaking.

Im curious at what altitude and at what distance from the airports it starts to stutter
If same approach is flown but you will stay say 200ft above will the same thing happen,
If it does, does it also happen with lower terrainlod or objectdetail lod etc. etc.
Addons you name it

Turn the terrain level of detail to 200

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I’ve been testing this exact scenario and I found the actual aircraft to be the suspect. Try flying the route again but use one of the stock aircraft … you should see the performance hit on final has disappeared.
See here