Stuttering During Takeoff & Landing


I have been struggling with game stutters that happen mostly during takeoff and landing.
I turned on developer mode and noticed that the game says “Limited by Main Thread” and “Limited by Coherent GTUI Thread” during the stutters.

I don’t believe it’s a hardware issue but I will attach a picture of my computer specs to the bottom of this post. I will also attach a video link that shows the stutters during takeoff and landing.

I have tried everything from renaming airport services to “Off” in the game files, turning off photogrammetry, turning up the off screen terrain pre-caching, and deleting my rolling cache.

I get a stable 45 FPS at cruising altitude but during take off, approach, and touch down, my game will freeze for several seconds at a time making it nearly impossible to get a smooth landing.

Oddly this doesn’t happen during landing challenges, only during free flights. I’ve tested different airports, planes, weather and time but nothing seems to make a difference.

Please let me know if anybody has any ideas, and feel free to ask me any questions.

Thanks! :grin:


Stuttering Example Video: