Stuttering every 2 seconds on a 10900 K 32 gb ram ASSUS 2080 Super Since last few updates

Since the last few updates my sim rig has taken a performance beating in a bad away both in vr mode and non vr mode I am getting suffer stuttering

This is my speccy details here

Summary here

Am on lattest nvida game ready drivers as of few days ago version is 512.95 release date 24.05.22

My Performace of my drives


I tried to suggestions here and it has helped dramatically.,

Permanent solution to stuttering - Bug Reports / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Try reducing your LODs a little. My system stutters every few seconds at complex airports/aircraft/traffic/weather at Terrain LOD 175 or greater, but is stutter free at 150.

I think he was talking about TLOD settings.

Indeed I was.

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