Stuttering Fix?

So got VR up and running. Anyone else having a lot of stuttering and hard to read text? Just wondering if there are some settings to adjust.

Steam VR - Index
RTX 3090
Ryzen 32-Core Theeadripper.

I don’t think you will ever truly get rid of stuttering in a game of this sheer size!!! I have 5900x and 3080, and although fairly smooth on mostly medium settings, I too get stutter, it’s pretty much unavoidable.

I’m getting a lot of flickering in VR that I don’t experience w/o VR, and I’m using a 3080.

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In the graphics menu in vr, change from DAA to TAA.

I will give that a try.

The graphics are nice and smooth but when I move my head it flickers a lot. Seeing a lot of double vision also and hard to read text. Not sure why. It’s not really stuttering and FPS. It’s more flickering. I just trying a true VR game (squadron) and it isn’t flickering at all.

Must be a game optimization. Maybe it’s not ready for the index :slight_smile:

I’m already using TAA and still getting a ton of flickering :frowning:

TAA helped a bit.

My main issue for example is when I go to the main menu the letters move while my head remains stable. The letters move back and forth all wierd. Not sure how to explain it.

When I turned off “Motion Smoothing” in SteamVR, it got rid of the horrible stutter/distortions I was getting. It still has the micro stutters due to low fps, but the distortions from motion smoothing are gone and it’s playable now.

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I will give that a try. There is just this WEIRD text issue I am having where the text gets small then big over and over again every second. Even if I do not move.

Motion smoothing was the culprit!

Thank you so much!

I did make some video adjustments as well. Test is still hard to read but not flickering anymore. I hope they do a zoom feature.

There is a bit of a zoom when you hold right click (by default). Though it only seems to work in the cockpit.

I dunno about anyone else but I can barely make out the text in the cockpit.

Hi, Does it mean it use SteamVR when you have buy a microsoft version from the store ?

I’ve got the same problem (AMD 5950x+ NVIDIA 3090 FE and 32 Go 3600 mhz RAM with reverb G2) and I’ve got more or less 40 to 45 FPS but when I turn the plane and watch the terrain it’s look like I’m 10 FPS but I have no loss in the counter. I don’t know the exact term to explain that. I see you provide a solution but I don’t think I use Steam VR with the store version. Does somebody knows about that ?

You can try further mitigating, if not curing, most of the stutters not only in disabling motion smoothing of any sort (saving fps and saving visuals from wobbling), but also in using known working drivers and settings.

You might want to read this to know more about this:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR)

Read the NVidia Setting chapter for more details:

I’d recommend you use NVidia Driver 457.30 for VR (and 2D actually) with a 20XX and 30XX *.

Read the SteamVR Extras chapter for more details:

after trying I do find it is actually greatly reducing stuttering

You might want to read this as well for WMR and the G2:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

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Thanks for your reply I will check that links.

The 3060ti is not supported by 457.30 for some crazy reason but using 457.51 was a perfect fix for me.


What is the actual reason why we cant crank all settings to ultra and have a smooth experience over NYC in bad weather in advanced aircraft like PMDG (once it’s developed)? Is the reason because computer processors and/or video cards have not yet caught up with the MSFS2020 program? Or is the reason due to how the program is coded or whatever? Or is it because of the VR headset not good enough yet? What is causing this bottleneck causing stuttering? I have the fastest wifi you get around here and my computer is pretty good/brand new and I still get all kinds of problems ripping, tearing, shredding (whatever you call it) in my VR headset. Just wondering why this occurs so I can get an idea when it might be fixed and not do that anymore.

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