Stutters after landing

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Stutters after landing
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Hello together,

I have now for some time the problem that I fly from an airport without stuttering, but as soon as I land at the destination airport and I’m on the ground the sim starts stuttering. My fps always moves around the 50 frames and in the air everything runs smoothly. Have the traffic or multiplayer off and on again, but the problem still exists. It doesn’t matter with which plane I fly.

The funny thing is that when I go back to the main menu and I start at the airport where I landed before, I have no more stuttering.

Is this a known problem ?

My system :
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
RTX 3070ti
32GB DDR4-3600

Known issue …. But it is a bug

Try switching off online data … getbin cockpit … and then switch it on again … for me it solves the stutters.

Since this was discovered i always do this jn decent so i have a smooth experience when landing

Totally ridiculous …. But it is FS2020

Think it is stuff kept in memory during flight.

The whole flight including approach and landing is smooth but as soon as i taxi on the ground it stutters and that of course also when i look around.

I love this sim but somehow it also drives me crazy !

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I thought poor performance on the ground had been fixed already. But the bug is definitely back for me. Taxiing and take off is choppy until i get to around 200 AGL and then it’s smooth as silk, only to then get choppy again as I come in to land, which is a real immersion killer and makes landings super difficult


Try my solution … i bet it will work :slight_smile:

During flight and decent FPS is always better ( altitude ) so thats why you notice after landing

Clearing the online data solves


I have the same after WU6, stuttering when plane taxis from gate to runway and you need to turn on taxiways etc. then smooth after takeoff and some stuttering on landing and taxiing to park.


The problem still exists. I have turned off the online function and unfortunately still stutters at the ground of the destination airport.
Over night I had a long haul flight and when I came back to the PC I had only 15 frames and they did not go away. I had to end the sim. It is no longer fun it’s just frustrating !

I have the same. The best performance is above the water at this moment, when the sim has nothing to generate.

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Hi my man, I’ve being having this issue ever since the last 2 updates, going crazy, have you’ve found a fix?
thanks for sharing

I’ve fixed it mostly by locking my monitor refresh rate to 60hz and flying at Gsync 30 FPS, it’s become butter smooth for me after SU6…