Stutters Definitely on the Decline

I’ve become addicted to VR mode for the past three months, so I played much less MSFS during the past week or so while my VR headset was being replaced due to audio issues. I resumed playing yesterday, and there is no doubt in my mind that the issues with stuttering are significantly reduced or eliminated. In the past I’ve used three high-density landing sites as test flights, KLAS to KLAX, KAZO to KORD, and CYVZ to KJFK. For weeks, if not months, prior to my headset issues, I routinely experienced severe stutter issues at 2-3 different points along each route, typically during approach and final. I have flown all three of these routes at least once in the last two days, and I experienced little to no significant stutters along the way. I know I didn’t do anything to bring this about, so I’m assuming Microsoft, Asobo, or someone else is quietly working in the background correcting this type of problem. Thank you to whoever is responsible. I have never had so much fun with MSFS, and I’m especially happy to be back in VR mode. Happy flying to everyone!