Stutters for around 5-10 seconds

Recently I have been getting stutters all of a sudden for around 5-10 seconds and it seems to be in certain spots. The only change I have made to my setup is using a San Disk Extreme 2 TB connected to a USB 3 port to store my planes, scenery’s etc… I use add on linker to do that. I was thinking maybe the issue comes from FS Traffic injecting traffic but I’m not sure would be amazing if anyone knew anything about this, cheers guys.

Hi @BritishComp

If you are seeing these stutters only when in the vicinity of high-density scenery and / or AI traffic areas, open Windows Resource Monitor to look at the disk activity on your San Disk Extreme.

In particular, look at the Disk Queue Length. If your disk is the same one as shown here, it has a maximum Read Speed of 2,000 MBps, which is a lot less than SSDs plugged directly into a motherboard. Your disk may be unable to transfer all the data requested by MSFS fast enough.

Another possibility is that the USB is powering down to conserve energy, In Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items\ Power Options\ Edit Plan Settings \ Change Advanced Power Settings, check that the USB selective suspend setting is disabled.


Ay thank you for your reply! I have just tried that and I’m about to hop into the Sim, it’s quite odd because I had been using an SD card before… which is much slower and it did just fine. About to try and will let you know how it does, I was thinking it was those settings.

I tried it out and it’s not doing it nearly as much, and I felt the SSD and it fells much warmer like it’s actually staying active, so this is good. It happened two times in total, when approaching Gatwick and just doing a landing in the middle of no where, but it seems much better. One try was using FS Traffic one was not. My PC also isn’t the best… planning to update soon and I won’t need to use any of this but it seems to happen much less and seem more effective, any other tips to try? I am also using Photogrammetry.

Hi @BritishComp
Glad to hear things are getting better!
If you have a good Internet connection and have the rolling cache enabled & it is located on the SSD, try turning the rolling cache off. Enabling the rolling cache causes continual read/writes to the disk. This should help reduce Disk Queue lengths if that is the problem.

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Yeah I have good internet, I turned it off yesterday so I’m probably just gonna roll with these settings. Any reason though why a SD card would be having less stutters though? I find that quite odd, it’s just a temporary thing anyway, I didn’t just buy it for MSFS, also was bought for general storage of things etc… but I want a stable sim for the mean time while I wait for a new computer ya know?

Also to reply to an earlier message the usage of the disk goes up and down, sometimes nothing is being processed and sometimes the queue length spikes all of a sudden. I believe it may be happening when MSFS is asking for something but it won’t respond fast enough, causing a pause then a resume when MSFS has it, but still so confused why a SD card does better…

Second finding…

The CPU usage by MSFS is at 0% when this happens and slowly goes back up.