Stutters on final, lower end systems

Most other games are GPU limited, not CPU limited. It’s because the CPU has a lot more to do in a sim like MSFS. Like I said, they will keep optimizing the multithreading, but the thread that syncs everything back up (the main thread) will likely always be some sort of limitation.


Aha.Now i understood.
Thank you for your time.

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@MortThe2nd You are right, Photogrammetry impacting CPU is not a bug. However the bug found goes like this:

After the latest Sim Update In the USA with photogrammetry on the FPS on the ground at JFK with Terrain LOD 300 was 20 and heavily MainThread limited. Removing the 3D photogrammetry cities from other areas (not the USA) brought the FPS all the way up to 48 in the same test scenario and no longer MainThread limited.

The photogrammetry in the USA was still installed and enabled. The workaround allowed some of us to be able to enjoy photogrammetry on in the USA with good performance. So no… it is not the same as disabling photogrammetry completely (which was the original workaround for performance until we found this bug). Hope this clarifies the issue.

Gotcha, that is odd.

Very weird indeed I’m just glad the workaround works for now.

You may be interested in this post.
This could be part of the issue.

I remember reading that. That is the thread where we discovered the bug. I am patiently waiting for the SU8 Beta to test some more.

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You seem like an expert in finding the right settings on your sim, and I desperately need help with mine. Been trying to do this for hours on end for multiple days.

It seems like Ive been able to get some semi decent progress but one thing in my way is the RDRThread. I dont know what to do about it being at 50ms or its always red.

If you could, could u give me the graphics settings you would recommend to get me one step closer?

I have the LODs on 125.

Ryzen 7 5800X
Msi GTX 1660
32gb RAM @ 3000MHZ

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@DARKB01T Not sure if this old fix will help you but it may be worth a try:

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Yes, the thread just posted is correct, make sure FXAA and MFAA are off in Nvidia control panel.

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Try setting your monitor screen resolution at 60 hrtzs this will give you 30fps .I have mine on 50 and have a very smooth 25 fps worth a try

I made a post over on the beta group about this…

This thread is wandering a bit with various performance issues and tweaks (depends on what your definition of “stutter” is, I guess), but I did find out something interesting regarding “multi-second pauses in flight, most often in final approach”.

I’ve been seeing these since around SU6. Running Process Monitor, I could see that whenever the sim was stuck, it was doing a ton of access to INF files related to input devices. It was the same pattern of pause and file access as when you connect or disconnect a USB device.

I have no idea why this would be connected to approaching an airport, but I had a 100% correlation between the long pause and the file access.

I’d be interested if other people with the long pause were seeing the same type of file access patterns.

I had been chasing a rhythmic hitch in NeoFly ever since I started using it. It happens every 7-10 seconds, and takes all CPU functions in the dev mode counter to black for a split second, with a pause accompanying each dip.

NeoFly on, hitching. NeoFly off, no hitching.

So it’s obviously related to some sim-to-addon polling to keep everything synced up, sort of like what you described with the INF pauses.

I have done several uninstalls and reinstalls of MSFS and all peripheral drivers and addons over the past year, but NeoFly still always ended up with the hiccups.

Since I was going to do a full uninstall from my OS drive and put everything fresh on my new dedicated games drive, I decided to go scorched earth with it.

I did a search of my PC for every instance of “simconnect” I could find, and deleted all of them. There were over 120 files, folders, etc. with simconnect in the title. Obviously, this action broke everything, but since I was already planning a full reinstall, I didn’t care.

What I did care about, however, is how many inactive simconnect files were left behind in my system. I can’t help but think they were left behind after installing and deleting certain third-party features over time.

With my latest install, I made sure not to install the SDK, and only the addons I currently use. The number of simconnect entries is a fraction of what they were. And the hitching is GONE.

Just something to think about when 3rd party addons give you fits. There may be old, unused simconnect entries causing issues, maybe even polling all at the same time for no reason. I’m sure there is a better, more technical explanation for my results, but getting rid of all the old entries made everything good again with NeoFly enabled.

Maybe the pauses you described are also simconnect related, with the hardware polling?


Today i’ve got exact this 1-2 hitching (in every 7-10 sec) , so I carefully follow all advice unfold here. No luck.

However, after a few hours of testing and almost got MSFS reinstalled, I’ve figured that out it is caused by another Win10-Laptop is getting LAN connected. (Strangely the hitching is gone with 2.4G WiFi connected in the subnet. I have a strong AC router)

It seems some intranet service is doing harm. However, I cannot believe it is networking issue to cause this.

Please advise. Thanks!

Net connections are one of the known causes of stutters.
There are quite a few posts in here on that subject.

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With a bit more research, I found out that my problem was caused by unused USB hubs resetting. There was nothing connected to them (they were the USB3 side of the ports while I was only using the USB2 side), but the device change notification was enough to cause FS to enumerate all the devices connected to the system, causing the pause.

I was able to fix this by going into device manager and unchecking the “Allow turning off this device to save power” on all the hubs in that device. I haven’t noticed a long-pause stutter since doing that.

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I have exactly this same problem. 3070, i9-10980hk, 32gb RAM

Your reasoning is very logical. As well as being brilliantly explained. Thank you very much for that.
Following your method I was able to achieve a good balance between quality and performance for the 2D case.
I mainly use VR. I applied there your method but I didn’t get the same results. After many tests I come to the conclusion that in the case of VR the balance has to be a little more tilted towards the use of the CPU. I achieved very smooth flights with settings roughly similar to those used in 2D but disabling Ambient Occlusion and setting the Prerendered Frames for VR to two (2) in the Nvidia control panel.

Good to hear. I have never been able to test in VR since I do not use it, but other VR users have reported that the hardware loads between regular and VR settings are slightly different. It makes sense, given that you are driving 2 separate tiny monitors in VR mode.


Wow. This actually made my flying experience better.
I have deleted all photogrammy cities except nordics and usa (deleted game of the year as well).
I am still undecided about vsync on/off in the sim but setting the NVCP to 30 frames max has helped.
I have an 8086k i7 at 5ghz, 32gb ram, 2080ti, 4k gysnc monitor and a 1080p second monitor.
Now getting a mostly solid 30fps at KJFK in the CRJ 1000, its pretty smooth, too.
I am using Pilot2ATC, Navigraph and charts, AIG traffic set to 70% AND…GA traffic set to 20 (with a mod).
TLOD is 120, LOD is 105, Render scaling is 95 (3840x2160), off screen is Ultra.
The only thing I have turned down was the render scaling to 95 as mentioned above, motion blur is high, cockpit refresh is medium.