Stutters on final, lower end systems

Ok cool, and just to clarify, make sure your photgrammetry is on, and all of your traffic settings are as high as you want them to be (mine are all maxed out), and all of your other GPU-bound settings (everything EXCEPT LOD) are set at max before you start tweaking your LOD and GPU settings, then go up or down from that as a baseline.

This sim can run on a potato if you know which settings do what. LOD and traffic affect CPU (“main thread”), and basically everything else, especially resolution scaling, affect the GPU.

Credentials: I have the sim installed on both of my boys’ systems, in addition to my own rig. System 1 is a laptop with an Intel 4700 series CPU and an M770 GPU (3GB VRAM), 9 years old. System 2 is an Intel 2400 series CPU and a 1030 GPU (2GB VRAM), system age is probably closer to 12 years old, I don’t even know. Both run the game without stutters, albeit with a fair amount of in-game tuning and below FHD resolutions.

The point is, as long as you know what settings to adjust, the range of hardware this sim can run on is immense…despite what people on this forum would have you believe.