Stutters when panning camera since Beta 3 (

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FPS Window

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Since Beta 3 I have some annoying micro stutters when panning around the camera. Inside as well as in external view.

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The stutters themselves are difficult to see through the video, but they are very annoying when playing the game. The FPS drops however are clearly visable in the FPS window. They definitely weren’t there in the previous 2 Beta Versions.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Load into the sim with any plane at any location and pan around.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

RTX 3080 12GB

Are you using DX12?


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same behavior with the same resolution (2560x1440) and almost the same PC Specs:
It’s especially noticable when using TrackIR.

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Completely agree

Thanks for your videos. This basically confirms that the sim is the culprit, not the PC.
I hope Asobo is going to look into this issue.

I’m experiencing the same problem.

i9 9900KF, 32GB RAM, RTX 3070, 2560x1440 @Ultra

Same here, Ryzen5950x 64gb RAM RTX3090 DX11 and 12 (12 worse)

I am not in the Beta but I follow the process, this issue was always present in the sim. I really really hope the devs can do something about it, please!!!

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Your right, it has been there for a very long time to some degree. However I have never had anything as severe as this before. And again, it is worth repeating, the first SU10 Beta release was the first (and only) update that did not have ANY stuttering for me. I miss it already (giant psychedelic trees and all).


Exactly. I personally had it since SU9.
However Beta 1 and even Beta 2 fixed it completely.
Now on Beta 3 it returned. It could have something to do with DX12 memory optimisation which got disabled.
I really hope Asobo starts looking into this issues. This is the only thing keeping me from playing.


DX12 is not going to behave well as they disabled its memory optimizations. Go back to DX11 at least on this beta 3.


Do you know if they did this only in Beta 3 or is something which is going to be public as well?


I decided to go back to SU9 until the next patch as those stutters make my sim unplayable with certain aircraft.
A word of acknowledgment from Asobo would also be highly appreciated.

This issue still persists in Beta 4.