SU 15 - Stutters during Approach

no stutters here since removing the FSLTL injector. doesnt matter what aircraft or scenery. Smooth and stutter free.

I wonder if something broke with the AI traffic such that they consume more resources than before?

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I wondered that last week and went to their Discord site. Several others had noted an increase in stutters lately, noting that with FSLTL they had stutters, but they stopped when FSLTL was removed. The response was generally “we haven’t made any changes to our code.”

You can go way back on these forums to read instances of people having problems with FPS and stutters with FSLTL running. As I read elsewhere on this thread, I imagine one solution is to try flying without FSLTL, then add it and set it to the lowest settings, then gradually increase it and see what works.

Turns out the custom photogrammetry of taipei taoyuan i got from was filling up my VRAM even without FSLTL.

Now everything is smooth again from takeoff to touchdown.


Did that occur even if you weren’t flying in the area? Well diagnosed, by the way.

Same here. 7900x3d, NVIDIA 3090. Not unusable maybe but stuttering is insane. I do VR
Did you try with an empty community folder ?

Turns out we’re experiencing the same problem all over again. Why is SU15 stuttering so much? I thought this update was going to optimize the sim.

Found the SOLUTION (at least on my system)
Had some lags in Elden Ring too, soo I googled for a solution and the Elden Ring solution also solved my MSFS stutters.
Press Windows+X to go to Device Manager
Select “View Devices by connection” from the menu
Go to “Microsoft Device Association Root Enumerator”
Right click and disable that.
Restart System
Disclaimer: if you have a NAS, WIFI Printer, Network TV - they might not work correctly after that. If you click on properties of "“Microsoft Device Association Root Enumerator” before disabling it, you can see which devices are connected this way.
As I said, this has completely removed the stutters for me.
Good luck


If folks decide to disable this, I’d suggest re-enabling it before updating any drivers on your system.
There are many articles on the Internet that describe the functioning of this device, such as here.


Mmmmm yeah… no. Lol. Id rather not just not use the fsltl injector. Im not into messing with system settings. All is fantastic and smooth

I had this problem in the PMDG 737-800 on a flight from Barcelona to Eindhoven, all went well until I was a few hundred feet on approach to RWY 21 and then major stutters kicked in making the landing impossible.

FSTL injector has nothing to do with this. If you have stutters with FSTL your CPU most probably can not handle it and you are main thread limited. As I said, I found this solution while I was solving this problem for Elden Ring - so it is a windows problem.

Its not as easy as saying one thing is the culprit, when you do not know a persons system, what version of windows, what hardware, what addons they have. You cant make the assumption that what works for you will be the issue on 100% of systems. Its like a dr. Saying because you have the runs, you have colon cancer.

Im not touching system settings if i already fixed the stutters. Its what worked on MY system. Couldnt care less about yours. As i dont use the SIM on your system. But for others that all else fails, maybe your suggestion is a next step. Along with all the other “guaranteed fixes”

After a long flight from Macau to Singapore, it happened again. Using Cloudsurf Asia WSSS this time, along with FSLTL.

I feel like when it comes to loading objects, the sim decides to do it at the most critical phase of flight…

I’ll have to try again without FSLTL again.

Do the stutters happen whilst the injector is running? I was thinking maybe if the traffic is removed whilst landing (but leaving FSLTL running) and then re injecting traffic following exit from the runway.

A bit of an immersion killer but could be a workaround as it does seem to be loading the models whilst landing

I’ve noticed this problem. I made a flight from ZBAA to YMML. When approaching Rwy 34 of YMML, it happens. I use Working Title 747-8 and Orbx Melbourne City, Orbx YMEN, Orbx YMML installed, FSLTL enabled.

Did a flight without FSLTL, still the same.

How about increasing OLOD? Try opening Usercfg and change the OLOD value to something like 9(900) and see how it goes.

I bought LossLess Scaling on Steam. This is black magic. I‘m running now my sim with 200 TLOD and 170 OLOD. With a 3060 Ti, TAA, DX11, no FG, almost all Ultra settings. This is insane. And for only 7$. It’s certainly worth a try at this price.

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Not sure what that does but can we see a shot with the fps counter showing?

On your original screenshot you are seriously mainthread limited indicating a severe lack of cpu performance rather than gpu. It could also be that since SU15 some of your addons or apps are now in need of an update so you should test again with them disabled. For reference with the Robin at 1080p no FG I get 50fps low over Paris PG using the ultra preset. rtx3060, 5800x, 32gb CL14

Edit: just looked up Lossless scaling, it’s pretty neat although I sometimes “test” a different FG solution that can’t be discussed on these boards.