Su 9 release april 26th?

Is SU9 supposed to be released Tuesday Apr 26th?

According to the latest roadmap yes,

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Thanks SPYTS
I had read it was coming late April
was not sure of the exact date

There is also a Q&A session scheduled for the next day, that you might be interested in:

Thank you to everyone who submitted or upvoted a question in the forums for our upcoming Dev Q&A! We are taking a look now and are looking forward to chatting with you next week, April 27th at 10:30am PT (1730Z) on Twitch.

Looking forward it. It’s suppose to reduce load time by about 50% for those of us with a lot of mods. My sim takes 10 minutes to load. So I will be happy with 5 minutes!

And before you ask, I have an I9-11900, 128GB RAM, 3080ti, NVMe PCIe 4 drives. So a pretty beefy systems.

The DRM or what ever check the game does at the beginning with the add-on mods takes for ever.

By what the testers have reported, load time for people with a lot of mod should reduce by 50% :slight_smile:

Is there a Spotlight event?

There is one during the beta. I assume that will carry over into the final?

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better they release it when all bugs raised by the Beta are sorted. The actual date doesnt really matter I guess.


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