SU10 Beta CTD with DX12

I installed the SU10 beta and switched to DX12. My game won’t make it past ~5 seconds after the window appears. This still occurs even after withdrawing from the beta.

Getting the same issue after installing SU10 beta and switching to DX12.
I feel dumber for having done this, I should really know better.

My one saving grace is I did backup the whole install so I should be ok if I revert…maybe.

Update: Fixed! Doh…I was using ReShade with DX11. Uninstall ReShade and it’s aok.
Makes sense as ReShade version I was using under DX11 replaced a DX dll which is not DX12 compatible.

I found that on my system DX12 works in 2D/not VR mode, but is sensitive to mods. For example, loading into the asset heavy KRNT Drzewiecki Design Renton airport will always CTD in VR and take a long time to load in 2D. Other custom or stock airports are much quicker. If I fly out of, say KBOS, with the same plane it’ll work in VR or 2D with DX12, but in VR, it will eventually CTD a few minutes into the flight. No such problem with DX11. Performance seems good while it’s running. Sticking with DX11 for now.

One interesting note. With the custom KRNT, I can load into it in 2D, and then, if I load WMR (using HP G2) and go into VR while the plane is loaded and on the tarmac, I can avoid a CTD, but an error alert pops up and it crashes. I’ll try to capture that and update this post with it.

Don’t know if this is applicable to you: