SU10 - big FPS improvement? But now object shimmering

Has anyone else here seen a big improvement in fps? at JFK and Newark where I was oddly getting really low fps like 18-22fps I am now back to a normal 39-43fps. That aside, I now am seeing the object shimmering on objects that have lines, especially one’s in the distance like some buildings or airport terminal. Part are flashing wildly, very annoying. I’ve tried all the aliasing options and they all do it to some degree but TAA is the worst, but provides the cleanest overall image.


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The good news is dlss is an ongoing development that can improve significantly with time when it comes to image quality. You will also notice that some aspects are better than TAA while TAA excels at others, so I wouldn’t say it’s all bad imo.

Well I have the opposite. After SU5 I had really bad shimmering on AI generated buildings with TAA, nothing I tried would improve it.

Since SU10 and using DLSS the shimmering has gone, still get a bit if I go back to TAA but nowhere near as bad as the previous 4 updates.

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SU10 has destroyed my system now. I’ve removed most of the big fps eaters out my community folder. Any aircraft I get stutters, camera movement practically falls asleep then wakes. DLSS has no improvement. All my settings have remained the same. It was working well before. Good FPS even with the likes of FBW and payware Airports.

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I’m seeing shimmering but the worst is along the edges of bodies of water (lakes, rivers, ponds, etc) where the water meets the land. I did not have this in SU9 and can’t seem to get rid of it with SU10.

Nope, significantly worse infact. Trees growing from the ramp at La Guardia while Newark and Kennedy are a complete stuttery mess.

Dunno if it could be what happened to you or not, but yesterday I noticed the same thing.

Turned out that somewhere along the line, after I had been tinkering with settings DLSS set itself to off, so no TAA, no DLSS, no anti alias at all. So the world was shimmery because it was jaggy, but since I’m on 4k the jaggies aren’t what I noticed, the shimmer was.

Went back looking for the cause and saw ‘OFF’ set it back to DLSS and bam back in business.

I have no idea what caused that, I know I certainly wouldn’t have done it.

Anyhow, just a thought.

completely opposite for me.

4K SU9 shimmering with TAA on some fences, and some other objects that have lines.
4K SU10 shimmering also with TAA.
4K DLSS Quality all shimmering gone, looks absolutely fantastic.
Except the displays lose a bit of fidelity, but the blur is less noticeable at this resolution.
The ghosting on the speed tape and alt tape however is.


Another thing to consider is the resolution you’re using DLSS to reach/construct, 4K is where it shines, less so at 1440P and 1080P. (talking about image quality here)

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I notice it on the landing gear buttons on the default A320 neo. The buttons are shimmering and kinda dancing around or like light is bleeding through the panel. Only zooming in on them does it go away.

Stay on topic folks…

So after spending some more time with it I do indeed have a noticeable fps boost as mentioned but the freeze ups and stutters are horrendous. I forgot which update introduced that but I wasn’t really having them with SU9 but now they are back.