SU10 now coming in August

@Squibby6134 This post may interest you:

Yes quarterly updates. Problems that affect everybody need to be fixed asap of course. Problems that only affect some and not others will probably require more investigation. But Hotfixes for obvious clangers need to be actioned immediately as indeed MS have done often.


The intent: “…this is not an “early access” build for people who want to try SU10 before its official release…”

The reality: “…this is " " an “early access” build for people who want to try SU10 before its official release…”


That is what happens.

well 4 attempts this morning to fly every dam time Im getting 12fps (again). Did a fresh install of older known to work drivers, no change. This is on a fresh install of win btw.

This is becoming the norm lately, so hell yeah as soon as su10 Beta is released its going on the machine with hopes that it will give me a playable GAME back … because it sure to hell isnt a simulator.

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This supposes Asobo will have success investigating the performance issues introduced with SU9 according to their roadmap, which, however can’t be taken for granted.

You probably were biten by the infamous WU-PG-Cities-dragging-US-airport-performance bug. I doubled my performance on KSFO and the like by uninstalling those PG cities. See here.

Certainly, this can’t be the solution being now forced to uninstall the PG cities which MS/Asobo proudly presented us during the last 2 years.


Its a fresh install, I installed no WU’ s quite the waste of space imho…6th time was sort of the charm this morning, on flight 6 I was able to obtain a whole 18 fps. Hardly satisfactory, but I got my time in for the day, 26 min LOL…

I was thinking of converting my linux laptop back over to windows, and do an install on it to see if its machine or network/server but I really hate to loose my linux, even though I can run it off an external drive.

Im just getting sick and tired of it to be honest, there will be a week or longer it’ll run just fine, and then we get into these spurts of terrible fps…Fired up ED for the 1st time in along time this morning, think I’ll go back to ED and Xplane for the time being…

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Hello! I had a good laugh reading the posts. There will be no big update. There will be no performance improvement either. The team will be on leave so the simulator update will be delayed.

In my opinion, the simulator is at a low point.

  • Simulator has been steadily deteriorating since the SU6 update
  • Visual world is getting worse, they reduce the spectacle unfortunately
  • The simulator keeps crashing, exits the game while flying
  • Servers are down, Photogrammetry is of poor quality
  • Adds developer features whose strength cannot be adjusted, I think of turbulence here, no adjustment slider)

I see it as a big problem if something is already good, it will be ruined later. The SU 5 has delivered amazing performance that is now gone and there are performance issues again.

I respect the development team and thank you for your work! Flight Simulotor is the best, but there is still a lot of work to be done!

I don’t know if it was said before ? But When they make MSFS 2020 for the Xbox, Why they don’t splitt the team ? One team work only for the pc version and make update only for the pc and not for xbox because we know it we be a mess again in the line code ? The second team work only for the xbox version and they make there own update for xbox. I think is the best way to do in my opinion.

Beause this might break X-Play?

Do you use DX11 or DX12?
DX12 is not yet fully implemented and therefore very slow.

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DX11 … lol yeah I know about 12 tried it long ago and it was horrible, out of 8 tries today 6 wouldnt pass 12 fps, 1 made it to 15-18 fps more toward the 15 side, and the last one actual start 18 on the runway and stayed there until airborne, then sat at 20 the whole time.

The only thing I did today as to reconfig was to install an older nvidia driver, and rebooted. Im going to go try another flight here in a min. and see what transpires.

I can bet you it will still be bad

It’s potential is undeniable. Of course people should have the time, opportunity and support to realize what is clearly a massive task. However…after 2 years there is no improvement, it’s bug infested, ctd went from often to constant, they are understaffed (it’s what you get for hiring extra people and putting them all on the marketplace where the money is), marketplace is full of incompatible and broken addons, no try before you buy so you buy but you can’t return it which is illegal in most countries, can’t get any support whatsoever…it goes on and on. I’m switching to pc because 600$ in and not being able to use or return anything I might as well go all in, ultra, vr, whatever…but that doesn’t solve massive problems for all other xbox players who need the pc community to back them up a bit. At the end of the day we all love to fly, have the same goals and are entitled to a solid, stable (not perfect) base to build on and believe in.

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I’m sorry but I feel we are in two different worlds when it comes to the MSFS experience.
You aren’t even scratching the surface to even guage the sim’s 2 year progress on your Xbox console. IMO

Two different worlds is the problem. I am spending a lot of money because I am fully aware of what it can be like on pc. Even without guarantee because pc isn’t perfect either, never was, why else would the mac ever be invented? My point is this, one pc gamer said “we were here before you and we will be here long after you have all left”. Uhm…no he won’t. The “niche”, let alone the “elite” status is long gone and it’s with massive numbers of players spending that msfs will be able to continue to exist. Like it or not, we need each other. Lose all players except those on pc tomorrow and it’s rip msfs. Don’t believe me? Do some research.

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No need for me to research anything, as I’m having a great MSFS PC experience and I feel the sim has come a very long way since initial release especially since the SU2 VR implementation. Performance and optimization has increased in every following SU, but of course with a couple annoying bugs and hiccups popping up in the process in my experience. Again I would totally expect differences of experiences and satisfaction from Xbox users as you aren’t able to experience the full ride of what MSFS has to offer and how the progress has improved various features that Xbox isn’t capable of. The bottom line is YOU in particular as an Xbox user aren’t happy nor satisfied with MSFS’s two year progress. Trying to state pc vs xbox player statistics that you think dictates MSFS’s livelihood isn’t going to improve your Xbox experience either. :wink: Your options at this point seem to be…

A) Give the sim development more time to progress and become a better much more optimized experience on Xbox console.

B) Try the PC version of MSFS and experience the sim with full reach of all the features MSFS includes that have progressed the past 2 years. To see if your perception changes.

Deep down inside you have no real animosity toward pc users, you just want to be a happy Xbox user enjoying great progress and having a wonderful MSFS experience like I am on PC.:wink:


I see a lot of comment about two different worlds but I see more than that. There are,or have been, good and bad experiences in both platforms but also fantastic and unplayable ones. I do not know what to expect but I am fairly sure any update will still create similar “worlds”.

As I already said, I am moving to pc because I do know very well what the difference is. It’s the same community, sharing the same passions and hoping for the same progress for many years into the future. A bit more understanding from pc players would maybe help give xbox players a bit more patience because it’s truly unplayable on console now. Unfortunately I have read many pc players state that they “don’t know what people are complaining about because for them it’s great.” A bit nicer to each other would make forums a lot more effective than any amount of bickering ever could. And at the end of the day, it’s just a game.
Have a great day, see you up there😊

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I gettings hopes that the dev mode on the Xbox version of MSFS will be added soon. I have always wanted to create airports so much.