SU10 on Xbox - Positivity Thread

Well I feel very disappointed once again. If everything is going so well with SU10, why does it keep taking me out of the game every time I land in big airports like LEMD, or LFPG, or EGLL?
Why am I still not seeing runway lights at night on LEMD?
Why are radio messages deactivated and I only hear my answer?
Although I recognize some improvement, I still do not trust this sim. I have done 3 flights and in two it has failed. I have to wait another 6 months to be able to land in LEMD without problems with the simple A320 that comes by default??

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See if any of this applies:

I don’t want to think what will happen when I start to use with SU10 the b737 or a321 bought planes that until now I have hardly used because they continually gave errors. I just hope I get a pleasant surprise. If not, I’ll post it.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the spit. It really is fantastic. Perhaps I should be flying that instead of trying to take an A320 from Trinidad to Princess Juliana.

Here I am C&D on the tarmac in the default A320 at an autogen airport. I connect the ground power and request catering and… Dead. Hasn’t even CTD, it’s totally frozen, hung, completely unresponsive. Sigh.

When this sim is working properly on xbox it’s an incredible achievement, it can be absolutely stunning. Sadly it still fails much of the time, far too frequently to be even close to acceptable and is so frustrating.

Oh sorry this was the positivity thread. I’ll show myself out…

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Its a great plane, just hard to master the takeoff and landing but getting better.

I took it to London today…

Added some more videos on my YT channel too.

It’s a pity there still seems to be this massive disparity between X-Box users and the experiences they have, it’s a closed system so we should all be happy now, but as usual its a split of happy & annoyed.

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This is extremely difficult to understand. We saw the same thing with SU9 — I had a pretty decent experience with it, but so many did not.


Seems so smooth so far, hope it continues.

On the weather radar in a320, does any buttons need to be changed, or does it just show as and when?
I remember before su10 to get it we had to fiddle with some buttons to get it to show up, at that time it didn’t refresh automatically like it does now.

I want to say that the toggle switch on the console is set to WX1 on by default, but it isn’t actually on. I thought you had to toggle it off and then back on again to actually turn it on.

I could be in error, however, I don’t fly the A320neo much.


Not sure yesterday there was rain so I could test, I’m over Germany as I type but it’s clear weather.
there is WX and WX-T, no idea the difference.

There is one problem I had even before su10.

It’s the water reflection, everytime I fly over water I get this weird reflection of my plane on the water… I upload a Screenshot later

So, yeah, I just tested it now. I set the weather to rain.

The SYS switch is set to 1 and needs to be toggled to Off and then back to 1 or 2 to turn the system on.

I do not know if the Turbulence mode is modeled. I don’t see any change when I rotate the selector knob between WX, WX+T or TURB.

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Thanks, yeah I’m just wondering about TURB and MAP, going to try map, I’m at fl35 currently so perhaps once I descend it will show something, will update if it does.

I did last night a flight from Bari to Corfu with fsw C414. The difference is huge. It didnt stutter not onetime. Very smooth now i love it.


Hell yeah!!! The game is absolutely smooth unbelievable!! There is ABSOLUTELY NO STUTTERING!! . Asobo did a lot of ■■■■ great work👍 ok i noticed a few lags on some places but nothing horrible it works much better


The clouds look fantastic, and I’m yet to have that flyback bug as well on the last 2 flights in a320.


I tried the MAP setting and it does seem to show airport mapping but not general ground, I believe irl its supposed to show green for ground blue for sea.

Anyway here is a few shots of a smooth flight from Munich to Paris. :smiley:

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It’s great to hear that our Xbox friends are starting to have a more positive experience with FS now. I hope it continues to improve for you all.