SU10 Out Today and So Am I in VR!

Just updated SU10 today. Went well from the store, then all updates in-game. Rebooted and launched a test flight in default C172. When I pressed my hotkey on my yoke for entering VR mode…CTD! Next restart I tried clicking on game the menu for VR mode…CTD! Next reboot and start in Safe mode had same CTD. I restated, rebooted about 10 times, all with CTD.
Anyone else can’t enter VR anymore since update? Any suggestions please…
(i9-12900, 3080, G2)

If you are using DX12 and OpenXR Toolkit you need to wait for OpenXR Toolkit update 1.2.0 later this week. Or use DX11 or disable OpenXR Toolkit in the meantime.


Excellent, great info to know, thank you!
I did enable DX12, and do have OpenXr running.
I’ll disable both. Hopefully I’ll get in VR now👍

Nope! Now I cannot even get past a message asking me to “Please insert the disk” or “Quit”!
Seriously? What disk? It’s from the “store” lol!

Ok now, phew! Rebooted everything twice lol! :+1:

New version 1.2.0 is out and fixes the DX12 issues: Quickstart | OpenXR Toolkit


Hey Matthieu, I love the toolkit, if anything for the colour, contrast and brightness settings. Don’t really need the other stuff as my system is high-end. With SU10, and this OXR update, I’m very confused with what my setting should be (as you saw above when I updated) as there are now so many new settings to address. DLSS, DX12, OXR settings and in-game settings.
Any basic suggestions or guidelines for us who are a bit confused after all these updates? Thanks

I thought DX12 was not recommended in its current Beta form? Won’t it be slow as molasses?

Update…all working great! Tons of good info now on YouTube on how the various new settings work and recommended tweaks etc…:+1:

same here, ctd everytime with oculus quest 2.

links please!!!

it’s out now

There are so many today it’s overwhelming!
Here’s a couple to get you started lol!