SU10 PING at 249 and graphics are toast

Anyone having issues with a constant 249 PING? Also, i have all the graphics cranked up and 2-3 miles from the plane, it’s all blurred. Using DX-11 as before SU10.

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My sim now runs as a slide show. Unplayable after update 10 on my Windows 11 garbage pc. RTX 3080ti. it was running smooth, 60-70 fps. 40 in busy areas. it’s a slide show now.

What a 249 PING?

My sim is running great use DX11 and DLSS at 60FPS.

If I understand correctly, they’re referring to a server issue. The scenery isn’t coming in in time so it’s blurry. Ping is referring the the communication between the user and server. 249 is VERY high/slow.

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Oh, okay, thanks.

Fortunately I’m a lucky one to not be affected.

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I have reset my internet connection and am getting 350 MBPS d/load speeds. But no matter what server I select, they all say 249. That is a massive ping and I’m not sure how accurate it is. Anything more than a few miles away from the plane is blurry like it’s not loading.