SU10: White square around cockpit instruments in liners

I installed SU10.

And now when in cockpit view in liners, a white square appears around the glass cockpit instruments.
The white square seems related to a white dot that appears in the view and follows it.

Here is an example:

White square around instrument

So, has anyone seen this with SU10?
And how to get rid of this?
This was not on SU9.

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You can get rid of the white dot when using an Xbox controller. Press any D-pad button to remove the interaction dot when in-cockpit.

The white border on a glass screen, however, still persists even when the white dot cursor is removed.

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Thanks, but of course we know that. You can also get rid of it by pressing the DOWN Arrow key on the keyboard).

This doesn’t help at all. Why?

  • It is not about getting rid of it once it appears, it is about stopping it appearing altogether.
  • And anyway, folks may already have other commands assigned to those controls.
  • We should not have to keep pressing a key to clear an annoying, distracting dot away from the centre of the screen. Simple as.

Currently the only way to remove it after appearing is to put a paperweight on the down arrow key or to use an external app such as Touch Portal, to send Down Arrow every half a second.

This is all mentioned in the other threads on this subject, (please use search).

Thanks though.

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Yeah, but when you say there’s no way to stop it-- I count at least four…

Nope. No way to stop it. There are ways to remove it after it has appeared.

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