SU12 - Content manager. Terrible performance when updating more than one item at the time

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Brief description of the issue:

When updating multiple items in the content manager after installing SU12, I noticed a significant degradation in the download speed, the UI becomes unresponsive while the items are updating. Even small updates (40mb) take up to 10 mins to complete, while the SU12 installation took 7 minutes (4.7GB)

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Go to the marketplace, find “update available” items. Select them all. Press “Install”

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Not relevant, WIFI 6E.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Latest (SU12)

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Just downloading the updates from the contentmanager with almost max bandwidth. Have a 200mbit line and download with approx. 160-180mbit. Packing and installing is as fast as before SU12

Ticked all the boxes so I could download the lot in one go. Initially it seemed to hesitate for about 30 seconds but then fired off at my maximum download speed, which is nice (if not very fast!).

It took me longer to download the world updates than it did the sim update as well, and I’m on fibre/ethernet broadband.

Experienced this as well, first time I’ve had this issue.

I have the same issue on Xbox Series X.

I have no problems with the download-speed, but the interface is freezing and unresponsive.