Su12 patch for performance please

Asobo/MS ,
Please put out a Su12 patch for performance problems asap please. Never had this with any SU’s before . I have quadruple checked all. All drivers updated. Fsuipc updated, rolling cache deleted. Nothing is working . It’s a stutterfest !


Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but have you tried emptying your community folder and restarting MSFS, as something in there might be causing the issue?

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If you’re on Nvidia, they have admitted the last 3 versions of their drivers can break MSFS. Also after changing drivers you’ll need to clear the shader cache and you may need to also delete, then recreate the rolling cache.


Hi. Ive done that already. reverted back to 522.25 few days ago . Used DDU to uninstall. Than deleted all Nvidia folders inside C:/program , User/appdata/local, user/appdata/roaming …made sure all Nvidia gone before reinstalling new driver . Only installed the driver and usb-c that’s it. Already deleted rolling cache. Trying my last troubleshoot now . Uninstalled all of Navigraph Navdata , and the Navigraph base . Than made sure deleted those files inside the msfs/sceneryindexes . Restarted msfs, than shut down, than reinstall Navigraph . See if this was it , trying now


Hi. Yes, emptied community folder few days ago just pmdg 737 and that’s it in the community folder. That didn’t work (few days ago)

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Have you checked your content manager for updates? Also clouds ultra seems to have been improved so don’t be afraid to drop back a notch, they will still look good. And if you previousy had traffic settings reduced then check that they haven’t returned to default. Some users have said their DX version got switched, I have a feeing this may have to do with the DLSS swapper that has been doing the rounds.

SU12 is a stutter fest for lots of people I’ve also had ctd’s which i haven’t for years ( try this in world map click on a green Mp player see what happens)


also muchblower fps after su 12!!!
12900k 5ghz 4080 32 gigs of ram

Uninstalled Navigraph and reinstalled the above mentioned method, stutterfest still there . Geez. I’ve done everything and beyond . This is ridiculous. Can I revert back to su11 ?

All content manager is updated. My clouds never on ultra . They always on medium. No setting is on ultra EXCEPT one….the pre terrain cache….that’s on ultra

Just suggestions, I can’t actually see inside your PC. Anyway good luck with it.


You know or should know you can’t revert back to previous builds. No idea why you’re asking that. Have you done a virus/malware scan? Disabled all of your windows security including Windows Defender and other intrusive background security resources that can block things?

Agreed performance has tanked for anyone on less than a 4090. So about 99% of us. Stuttering on landing is a big issue - patch soon.


I’m on a 3080 with a12900k and my performance has increased significantly. More even usage of the CPU cores, lower GPU and vRAM usage and about 15 to 20 more fps (although I was quite happy with the fps and smoothness before the update too).

Have you cleared the windows shader cache?

Yes I’ve cleared the shaders

What Gpu driver version are u on ?

I have a RX 6800 and with DX12 performance is great with no additional impact by SU12.

How about looking at this from a different angle? Do a speed test via Ookla and take a look at your downland latency to ensure it is at a reasonable level as a high download latency can cause stutters. In the pic below my download latency was 7ms.

I’ll need to check in the morning, but it was from January. I use the studio driver, and don’t install GeForce Experience. All of the driver settings are default, I just use the settings in the sim menus.

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Omg !!! I may have found it wow! Doin one last test , standby . Wt man omg

Wow. So 1/2 of stutters is gone . I got some . It’s a bit more than Su11 but now I can manage to fly. The culprit the whole time was a Custom panel views i downloaded from that was not updated to su12. It was inside my packages/appdata/local cache/simobjects folder named pmdg 737-700. The file downloaded was from CaptRami777. I used it because it was for gsx jetway views. I don’t need it because I know how to make my own. All in all, the sim is flyable now for me but the fact is there are more stutters than there were in su11 or su10. Glad i found this culprit being the problem. I couldn’t even fly before because it was like an 8-bit Nintendo game stuttering . Thanks for the help everyone . Hope asobo makes a patch for performance soon

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