SU15 CTD in various places

Just installed SU15. Keeps randomly crashing to desktop. Thought it was during the loading and updating of official scenery, opened in safe mode, and it still CTD. Open World Map and crash. Community folder emptied. Am I looking at a complete reinstall?


I also just installed update 15 and every time
I close or open a new page it crashes and needs to be reloaded. MSFS 2020 prior to update worked great. I also need some help. Thanks All

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Same here, I just saw something that said you had to get addons out of the community folder. Before I got the update it was crashing on me and then the update comes and when it’s 100% done it just stays like that without launching the game. Afterwards; the options are gone, the world map is a swirl of colors. Then I go to look for my community folder, which I’ve gone to before, and it’s not there. When I go to the Microsoft Store and look at my order history, the order for when I bought the Premium Edition is replaced with something like FS 340. The MS Store doesn’t recognize that I bought the premium version. The Microsoft help page is no such thing. I can’t talk to a person at Microsoft about this. If one had to get the addons out before the update it might be nice to inform the customer first before having the need to update pop up.

I had this exact thing. Mine crashed in opening a packet. When it booted it did exactly this. Now I am stuck in a CTD/download/update loop.

I uninstalled the app and when I went to the MS Store I started the download for the reinstall and it was showing that had the premium and deluxe and whatever else it was I was complaining about being gone and assuming the worst.

Complete re-install, I was installing updates. Then the program CTD. Now when I re-start, I get the usual loading screens,

the program says it’s checking for updates, which I’m sure there are a ton of after a re-install but before going any further I get a total CTD. So I’m very interested in the solution here as well.

Worked great before the update. Nothing but problems since.

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Originally when I tried to update, it kept checking for update and did nothing more.
Had to do a complete re-install, now downloading the contents, pc occasionally keeps restarting and ruining my flow!

I’m wondering if there’s a way to “roll back” prior to the update which seems to be at the root of these problems?

I reinstalled it after the SU15 update, and it continues to crash. Sometimes, it crashes during a flight, but lately, it has been unable to load a flight even with the default plane and default scenery. It’s so frustrating, as before SU15, it worked beautifully.

I finally got it working. I think it was the fourth re-install that did it.
I shut off anti-virus before installing MSFS so maybe that was it.
Really don’t know why it worked one time over the other times
but I must say I dread their next “update”.

I’m getting CTD when exiting to main menu every time I end a flight. I do have mods installed and use AddonsLinker to manage these. When mods are selected, I get CTD, I have even tried to empty both community and addons folder to seperate folders (AddonsLinker is completely empty during this test), but I’m still getting the CTD. This is on the latest version of Steam (SU15), PC is fully updated (Fresh install of windows about a month ago).
PC specs: AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT, AMD Ryzen 5 5500, 16GB RAM, Windows 11 Home (Version 23H2), OS Build 22631.3810