SU15: my (bad )experience: the fight against the stutters

I hope they can fix this in this version of the sim.

Landing in the UK is an absolute stutter fest. EGCC is really bad. Taking off from there isn’t a problem. But loading in the scenery causes the sim to stutter badly. I’ve found DX11 is a bit better than 12. Here’s to hoping for a quick fix.

Is this one of those situations that I’ve learned a little bit about regarding how add-on developers can build add-ons in such a way that certain files override those of the sim that are not meant to be overridden? (I SERIOUSLY cannot believe this is even a “thing” with the SDK, how did someone not put the kybosh on this when it was first discovered as a possibility??)

I noted this as something that I was doing when I was developing my mod for the 307. The way I had arranged the file structure of my fixes to the 307’s Sperry Autopilot was affecting the DC-3! I had to change the file name of my fix to something unique and I also put it in a directory that was unique in order to keep my fixes “local” to the 307.

I know ORBX is a major dev, but they probably sell scenery that is developed by several different sub-contractors (I know this is the case with Just Flight’s KSBP. When I’ve had issues with it their support staff told me they had someone else develop it) and its possible these contractors aren’t as careful with these files and are affecting sim-wide files that shouldn’t be affected.

I know, too, that Raul as FSReborn has been extremely frustrated by this. He has reported as such on the MSFS developer forum. Much of his time is spent on support for his aircraft. Far too often he discovers that some other add-on is affecting files that are then affecting his aircraft. None of which is his fault.

Anyhow, I’m wondering if this is what you’re seeing here with scenery.


It might be, I’d need to look at the file names to see if there is an override. But if there is one I think it probably shouldn’t be there.

All of the data is on my sim PC, I did a quick aggregation to addon level to get the top hits to see if there was anything notable, which there was but I didn’t go any further. The problem is I don’t use that PC for anything else, and if I’m sitting at that PC it means I have an opportunity to fly which is much more fun than debugging any day!


any update ??

Disable and delete all caches once and forever

smooth experience.

How to delete game cache

1 Start your PC in safe mode

  • Click start
  • Click power icon
  • Press and hold left SHIFT key and click restart
  • Select Troubleshoot > advanced options > startup settings > restart
  • Select 4 - Enable safe mode

2 Click start and type


Press Enter
Delete all folders

3 Click start and type


Press enter
Delete all files

4 Type


Press enter
Delete all folders

5 type


Press enter
Delete all folders

6 type


Delete all files

Restart PC

7 Click “start” and type storage settings - press enter
8 Click temporary files > scroll down > check box DirectX Shader Cache
9 scroll up > click Remove Files

10 Restart PC.

11 Launch MSFS. Delete and turn off rolling cache.

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I used Corsten’s free cache removal tool when I changed my nVidia driver to the new 556.12 version. Worked perfectly, and following the instructions, was very easy to use.

Great stuff :+1: :+1:

If you are using an AMD graphics card, then for #5 in @TenPatrol instructions
above substitute this to reset AMD shader cache:

Adrenalin app->Gaming->Graphics->Reset Shader Cache->Perform Reset

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Or manually delete folders
Go to

In safe mode delete

  • OglCache
  • DxCache
  • DX9Cache
  • DxcCache

Its beyond annoying sometimes, no doubt.

Im plagued by those too but without photogrammetry even active.
Problem seems mosty in the EU. At least its more constant here. Nowadays i can land at KOAK, so dense, with locked 30 fps but things like EGNX, EGSS, EDDK, EDDM etcetc are more ro less unflyable. No matter what plane.

Cleard all caches many times already.

Today ie made a flight in the US, KIND/KMEM and for a good hour (around 15 mins after departing) immense stutters appeared, spiking my GPU load.

Then ive opened depbugger and saw that thousnds of these entries are suddenly there. And everytime the lag spikes happen, i see 20 new of these entries there. There seems to be a clear correlation.

Now please tell me, what are fireworks doing on FL350? Why on earth are they loaded.
I know that KATL has these, as far i know, but why on this route? Its not near.

This happened flying FL350 and looking down at the atc panel. Then the sim exploded more or less and these fireworks entries whith not found effect files hammered.

Then there re these, not sure if they are related somehow, Because they always appear at the same time.
Normally one would think “navdata and fireworks have nothing to do with each other”. But still it seems they appear together in the log…

So much stuff going on at cruise that has no effect, is invisible or makes no sense because hundreds of miles away.
I hope msfs2024 is more clean.


Well since i have had bad stutters in the cockpit at cruise and the obvious ones on landing , taxiing even though my frames are about 90 FPS using frame generation, DX12

I did everything as it was really bugging me, SU14 for me was fine.
So, did all the shader cache deleting, excluded msfs.exe in windows defender, deleted volanta, FSUIPC
Etc etc:, still stuttering
I use add on linker but had some files in my community folder like , PMDG, FBW, navigraph , but i did have about five airports and a couple of mods in there.

Anway i took all the airports and mods and put them in add on linker and kept them there away from the community folder

I did a test flight in the fbwA320 with an easyjet livery with just my departure apart LEIB (payware) to LPFR (asobo ) from add on linker apart from those folders was navigraph , AIG, fsltl which i kept in the community folder.

I used another programme that i wont mention and had my first stutter free flight for weeks from gate to gate with fsltl and beyond atc

Still testing but it must be a feeware add on that i downloaded that was causing the issue.
still testing but very relieved this flight was butter smooth

Pc specs:
12600k slightly overclocked
Rtx 4080
32gb 3600 ddr4 ram

Will keep testing but things look positive so my takeaway is look in your community folder if you have downloaded something which might be causing these issues.
Good luck all fellow captains :+1:t3:

Would be helpful if you actually tell us which addon it was… btw, I am another one of those constantly looking for even better settings and by chance I found that using RTSS frame limit with front edge sync results in the smoothest sim I ever had if I limit FPS to exactly half of the screen refresh rate (in my case 144Hz) and put my settings as such, that those 72FPS can be maintained in 95% of the cases. No rocket science, but all other frame limitation methods did not work that well in my case, so I am a happy camper now :wink:


It could be an add on for OMDB airport or an add on i saw for GCFV, but i had payware airports LICC and EDDK and a feeware KEWR so i dont know the offending addon

So more testing to add these back one by one and also to test again with these not included on flights of over an hour …… so a laborious task as you can imagine

Once i get some definitive results i will shout it out to the world but some have cleared their community folders, im just telling you my experience, just hope it fixes things for me and helps anyone else out who have these airports add ons

Just another thing to add which is pretty obvious but as I understand the sim loads everything in your community folder, i have transferred most of my add ons to add on linker and only select the airports in my flight plan and liveries.

This i have found makes the flights a lot smoother, whereas before SU15 i would just let everything load , which wasnt an issue until SU15 came out, now im a bit more conservative with how many addons are in my community folder so I can greatly reduce stutters this way.

Ha! 2 TB ram anyone? … Believe me there’s no way the sim loads all your addons but it may load some you don’t actually need for your flight.

I just setup my high-end rig to run as if it is an Xbox machine instead of a PC. No more stutters. Unfortunately, my i9-14900K and RTX 4090 are only running at about 10% of their potential. Such a good investment I made!

If your GPU is running only at 10%, you are either still heavily CPU limited or simply use way too low settings. CPU load tells nothing nowadays…

Oh ok , thanks for the heads up, Funnily enough my sim is on its own dedicated drive which is a 2tb nvme and I thought i read somewhere that the sim loads everything , glad that is not the case then

To be honest i do have a lot of old ■■■■ in there that i dont use so will get rid of stuff that is bloating my community folder, hence add on linker is great for that

It loads them in a way, because everything present in the Community when you boot the sim up is scanned and an “Index” is created so that the game knows what is there for the session. But it’s not loading all the actual files (models, textures whatever) as obviously that would be huge.

Still having a large amount of things active really slows down loading and of course can create other performance problems as the core is always seemingly checking that Index as you fly, to know when it needs to actually load in the data.