SU15 seemed to be working fine at first, until loading into the iniA320. CTDs and black screen avionics all over again

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Inibuilds A320

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SU15 beta working just fine with faster loading times, no stutters, no CTDs, it seemed like the avionics issue was finally fixed with the new memory allocation. Then for no apparent reason all of these issues started appearing again once I felt I could finally reinstall my extra airport addons

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Just Installing around 3 more add-on airports, graphics all set to the lowest possible settings, no ai traffic, no vehicles scenery or airside, no workers, all set to 0, HDR10 off, no photogrammetry. Even with my settings set as low as possible and only 15gig of airports loaded into the sim, still encountering black screens, CTDs and avionics turning off. Once again the sim is rendered unplayable if I can’t play without my avionics going missing every flight

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Xbox series X

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Wanted to bring attention to this post and the issues I’ve encountered, but this time it’s not about CTDs; it’s avionics going to a black screen. This has happened to me three times now, once in build 1-37-9-0 and twice in 1-37-11-0.

The first incident occurred during approach after a 2.5-hour flight when all the screens suddenly went black. Additionally, the airport and runway didn’t render properly until I was directly over the airport.

The second time, I accidentally pressed either ‘W’ or ‘X’ (or another key) on my keyboard, which opened the FS menu. Upon exiting the menu and returning to my flight, I found all avionics were black.

The third instance happened during my flight route from EBBR to EBCI to EFHK, and then on my final leg from EFHK back to EBBR. Right after takeoff, all avionics screens went black again.

All on XBOX series X too.

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