SU5, before....and after

What did you reload? Reinstall whole game? World Update UK?

Here’s a less well covered area (I assume) - North Africa, 34 deg, 7 mins, 48.02 seconds North, 4 deg 39mins 53.53 seconds West

5,000 ft:

10,000 ft

15,000 ft

20,000 ft

25,000 ft

30,000 ft

35,000 ft

40,000 ft

45,000 ft

50,000 ft

So quality at 50,000ft definitely a bit less good, but not a material issue at to 30-35,000 ft level here either

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Last one for now. This is Mount Hagan (AYMH) in Papua New Guinea. This is already at 5,000 feet altitude, so the pics start at 10,000 feet for consistency

10,000 ft:

15,000 ft

20,000 ft

25,000 ft

30,000 ft

35,000 ft

40,000 ft

45,000 ft

50,000 ft

So again, issue not apparent here. As I say, if someone can confirm a location where they see the problem, I will run this test there


This looks like a glitch/bug not a downgrade like people claim. Do people really think they would downgrade it THAT much? It’s clear that autogen doesn’t work in that shot. Could be server load could be a bug could be something else.
I’ll post my shots later.

Don’t you ever fly at 2500ft?

My OnAir company is in East Africa I have flown it VFR extensively before and after the update and since SU5 the visual fidelity is utter rubbish.

It is now much, much harder to locate and identify remote dirt and grass strips because the visual fidelity is so much worse.

Out beyond a certain distance there is a certain fizz to the scenery that makes it hard to see detail. Up close the pop in for grass and procedural foliage/scenery elements is probably around 100m

Try sitting on R24 at HKKI there is a beacon tower next to the runway. At start position all you see is the light. The tower doesn’t ghost in until your are almost on top of it.

Not being able to find airstrips or see obstructions isn’t helpful.

Not to mention the jarring loss of coherent image when you move your head to look outside the cockpit, and in bush flying there is a lot of moving the head.

This update might be great if you sit in the cockpit of a tubeliner watching the magenta line.
If you are flying in the weeds looking for a marginal airstrip in Tanzania its utterly useless.

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Give me a location and a screenshot and I’ll try to match it and we can compare.

I fly all the time at low altitude. See some examples here:

These are post SU5+hotfix

It’s kind of funny becuase most people are saying the exact opposite. I’ll have a look at HKKI shortly and see what I can see. Can you post a screenshot so we could compare?

I had the blurry issue when IN the aircraft, using the external camera (aka during real gameplay)

When I was on ground at airport after loading and just & using drone camera it actually looked normal, like your pics. But man it was blurry at FL230 once I was up in the air

Try your test but during flight (if these aren’t), with external camera so you can get the downward viewpoint

OK, so these were taken in flight with the drone camera using slew - you are saying that you get a different result if you do that?

EDIT - for clarity I mean the aircaft was at these altitudes using slew - noit parked on the ground

Reload sim… i don´t no, why
but now its correct…

I did…but I wasn’t being scientific at all , could have been a connection issue for all I know. Just wanted to point it out as something to check out
Haven’t flown since…waiting for the CRJ to be patched

Then I can only assume that most people have not tried flying in the weeds yet and have all flocked to the tourist attractions to check performance of city skylines.

It’s low level VFR bush flying that is impacted the most because you rely on those visual cues from scenery and landscape to identify where your wheels need to be and the FPS fluctuation and break up of coherent picture when you move your head can absolutely wreck situational awareness.

It’s a fun place to fly because of altitude, mountains, cliffs etc but because of that you do need to be looking around you all the time and this update has really had a big (negative) impact on visual fidelity.

It is still a good looking sim. But it’s just not as good looking as it was. (and in the bush I’m not really even seeing a radical difference in performance. My performance was pretty ■■■■■■ good anyway.)

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Quick question though, are you sure you had the same settings on both? Can somebody else rerun this specific location and post a screen. If it indeed is that bad, then that’s cause for concern.

No, it isn’t.

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This is AI buildings, lol😂

Yes, they appear to be the wrong type of AI buildings though.

“This is photogrammetry and bing maps data ON!” was simply confirmation that online functionality was enabled as it looks like it may not be.

Cool. Let me have a play around with cockpit views

Here is what I have, which is the same as @AlexE75

This is definitely a server issue and/or some issue with the world update for the UK not loading correctly.


Same as me, it’s completely broken :disappointed_relieved:

Am not at pc right now. The buildings are the wrong type so UK WU is part of the issue here. It seems 100% repeatable so far across multiple users - although building density can change on different visits.

I did read some guy in this forum indicate he was office blocks instead of barns out in the UK countryside. Is it UK wide?

I have not yet had anybody confirm whether the correct building type is actually a locally stored assets or if it’s streamed but I see files modified on 27/07 in the official folder for UK PoI’s