SU5, before....and after

SU5 created a new one for me also. I deleted the cache and disabled the function immediately after update on Tuesday.
There is no rolling or manual cache active in any of my photo’s

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This does not compare anything, you are just using a different time of the day and different area…

I’m a video engineer. Since it’s first appearance I’ve seen good HDR only very rarely, in fact I think I’ve only really seen one example where I stepped back and said to myself “right, yeah, so that is how it’s supposed to look”. But the way the FS2020 images look since SU5 does look a lot like bad HDR or HDR forced on non compliant hardware.


I flew exactly the same road in Edinburgh (Royal Mile/Castle hill) and captured the shot at pretty much the same location.

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lol no, you did not, it is not even the same time of the day xD The picture is also taken from a different perspective and place

Because time of day changes which building type loads in or whether any load in at all?

Before…see the shadow that crosses the road further down the road from the plane?

After - more or less the same spot. Shadow visible in street, I’m roughly where the tower is in the orignal. But there is no tower.

That you don’t recognize that these are two screenshots of the same place is testament to how messed up it is since SU5, but by all means feel free to fly around Edinburgh and see for yourself.


Sir, don’t waste your time. They are those that refuse to see the nose on their face.


The game looks horrible in some of those screenshots posted above. Like unmodded FSX with bad ortho.

My MSFS looked so awesome on SU4 now its an oversaturated, overexposed, bleached out mess. What has happened, why just why??


Perfect. Best meme of the year.


Wow, you totally cant see it :dizzy_face: for real? use the hills as a reference…really baffling


lol, harsh

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On the left the bridge, in the foreground the White Building, which is now an office complex. The brown old building is now also an office complex. Many missing buildings on the right. It is the same place. But why do I have more buildings there (even if they are just office buildings)? Maybe the servers are too overloaded and depending on the server region you get a different result? Maybe the situation will calm down in the next few days. But definitely not on the weekend.

Yes, server load no doubt explains the varied amount of buildings that load in. It may even explain why Edinburgh airport has completely failed to load any structures throughout my experimental flights.

I’m not sure it explains why we are getting the wrong sort of buildings populated here. Three of us have posted images in this thread alone where the building type is clearly wrong. Maybe that’s servers too, I don’t know.

What does worry me is that perhaps the core concept is flawed, perhaps streaming so much scenery and data only works if there aren’t very many people playing and what does that mean for the future of the sim if it looks like rubbish when enough people play to justify the cost of the servers and only looks good when there aren’t quite enough people playing to justify that server cost?


Bloody brilliant mate…you have made my day :rofl: :duck:


ohhhh so thats how it works then, thanks for clearing this up for me :rofl:, I wonder where they actually do go after the automated email is sent back to you, they probably have a pc just sitting there well in there case after SU5 a entire server room just for deleting Zendesk messages :rofl:


Lovely example, thanks! Take a look at the surrounding terrain LOD, it’s jarring, this platform was in a really good space pre SU5, it saddens me to see this happen.


I believe it doesn’t! Took a flight just too see…

I don’t know why your post got hidden because this is made of gold :joy:


There are unfortunately people that walk among us who are afraid of or don’t know what hyperbole is! :slight_smile:

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